Zaho Zay documentary movie

Zaho Zay documentary movie trailer HD - Plot synopsis: A young woman works as a prison guard in a hopelessly overcrowded jail in central Madagascar. She passes the time daydreaming about her father, a murderer, who abandoned her as a child after killing his own brother. In her imagination, her father becomes a mythical killer, wandering the countryside and rolling enchanted dice to decide the fate of his victims. Secretly, she yearns for the day her father will turn up amongst the prisoners. When a new inmate arrives claiming to know her father, her fantasies begin to turn to nightmares.

genre: documentary
directed by: Maéva Ranaïvojaona, Georg Tiller
screenplay: Maéva Ranaïvojaona, Georg Tiller, Jean-Luc Raharimanana
Zaho Zay, documentary, movie, film, trailer, HD, Madagascar
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