What a year, man! (Best of Script. 2020 Compilation) (Preview)

The title is a little bit narcissistic (hahaha), cuz I'm not published the greatest hits of the year, either the best of the existence ones (who am I David Guetta?) I just made something and I published here.

Whatever, was a pretty tough year huh? (a memorable year LOL) But, I'm happy in a way because I went start with this. I'm proud of what I made, it may not be the best music but is mine I made it and that's what's important to me. I will not stop practice, improved and make more and better tracks (I would like to do collaborations) because I like this.

*I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.*

If everything goes right maybe 2021 will be a good year for me. I got a "to do list" not a promises list cuz' I (almost) never (like most of us) complete those promises. So, it will be like: "We will see it what to do when it comes" (in Venezuela is: "Como vaya viniendo vamos viendo")

So well a lot of blah blah. I made this to compiled the most listened tracks of my accounts according to the stats and the tracks that I most liked this year. Enjoy your "New Year" celebration, even if you're not at a party or with your family, enjoy your time too.

P.D: I counted all the tracks that a I made and are a total of 34. 33 of them was made it with Music Maker Jam (app) just one was made it with FL Studio

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Compilation: https://bit.ly/3hHGwhj

Tracks / Temas:

-Guitarra Suave (Background)
-Escape & Persecution (Future)
-A Nigth At The Club (Background)
-Seek, Capture, Reeducate (Future)
-Melancolía (Smooth)
-Old School Rap Style (Background)
-Robots Junkyard (Future)
-El Bar de la Esquina (Background)
-Switched To Funk (Smooth)
-Some Kind Of Bandicoot (Some Kind Of Videogame)
-Sicario (Future)
-A Sunday Rest (Kinda) (Smooth)
-Fight (Future)
-Into the Ruins (Some Kind Of Videogame)
-Hip Hop Piano (Muestras)

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Bandcamp: https://scriptsmusic.bandcamp.com/


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