#VIDEO | #Arvind Akela Kallu | तोहरा दुवरा पे आईब भोज भात खाईब | #Antra Singh | Bhojpuri Song 2020

#VIDEO | #Arvind Akela Kallu | तोहरा दुवरा पे आईब भोज भात खाईब | #Antra Singh | Bhojpuri Song 2020
⭕Audio/Video Credits:-

Song : Tohra Duwra Pe Aawib Bhoj Bhaat Khaib
Singer : Arvind Akela Kallu , Antra Singh Priyanka
Lyrics : Hare Ram Mishra
Music : Shyam Sundar
Digital : Vicky Yadav
Producer : Manoj Mishra
Company/Label : Aadishakti Films
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