The Open Road

50th Anniversary
Recording ©1970 by Warm Underneath (Joe Gulli & Gordon Schaad)
Music ©1970 by Joseph A. Gulli and Gordon W. Schaad

Joe Gulli: guitar, bass, tenor saxophones
Gordon Schaad: drums, piano, trumpets, whistle

Engineering by Gordon W. Schaad using the sound-on-sound technique on a Tandberg 64 tapedeck for overdubs, which were mixed on-the-fly with each earlier track. No post-recording mixing is possible using this technique and it's always going to be mono. With each bounce, signal-to-noise ratio degrades. So much so that on some of these recordings with many overdubs, the noise becomes another instrument. This was several months before Gordon began working at Electric Lady Studios, where he discovered how little he had known about recording techniques previously.

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