THE LOST LOVE (2016) Official Music Video

Musica scritta, composta, arrangiata da Stefano Ercolino.

Music written, composed, arranged by Stefano Ercolino.

"Sooner or later everyone loses forever those they love, and those who live without love will never recover the lost love".

Copyright 2016 © by Stefano Ercolino.

Tutti I Diritti Riservati - All Rights Reserved ®.

Drums / Batteria - Bass / Basso - Keyboards & Synths / Tastiere & Sintetizzatori: by Stefano Ercolino.

Qualsiasi uso non autorizzato del brano musicale, e del video, saranno trattati come violazione del copyright.

Any unauthorized use of the song, and the video, will be treated as copyright infringement.
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