The Cool Cats Will Call

The Cool Cats Will Call was written and produced by Cody Melville with vocals by John Reneaud. It is a lively musical frolic which inspired this video parody/satire attempting to comment on the loneliness of the pursuit of fame, success, or, acceptance. Ken Fischman helped me shoot this video – thanks again Ken! Perhaps the video is somehow irreverent, however, I got a big kick out of doing it, so no-matter-what I feel a payoff. Regardless, I say big thanks to any fan who indulges me by watching it the whole way through. By the way, I was asked by one of my son’s friends, “Why are you a super hero”? To which I responded, “I just couldn’t help myself.” Thanks, and, enjoy the relevant fluff (but a damn cool tune!).

Also Note: this song is included on the Dresden Cowboy album titled Ain't No Angel and can be purchased @ Apple Music Permission via Cody Melville.

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