Tele Tuesday - G&L ASATs not Telecasters

Here is a rough jam on my telecasters for Teletuesday. Just kidding these are G&L ASATs not Fender Telecasters. These were the next generation of telecasters designed by Leo Fender after he started G&L Guitars. They tend to be a bit more versatile than telecasters as they have better pickups and aren't limited to twang single coil sounds.

For this improvisation I created a basic 120 bpm 4/4 beat in Superior Drummer then improvised a couple tracks over the drum beat. I recorded these all as a direct signal then added effects via bias fx 2. Sadly while I was recording the bass my camera filled up so I lost the video of the bass track halfway through, oh well its just my Musicman Stingray playing some basic riffs.

Thanks for listening :-)
telecaster, gl asat, guitar, rock, original music, improvisation
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