Star Wars: The Old Republic Full Movie (All Cutscenes) All Game Cinematics 4K UHD

Star Wars The Old Republic Full Movie (All Cutscenes) All Game Cinematics 4K UHD

00:00 – Deceived
03:09 - Hope
08:04 - Return
13:42 - Sacrifice
17:40 – Betrayed
23:40 – Outro

In the year 3653 BBY, a shuttle travels toward Coruscant. At the same time, a black-cloaked figure—Darth Malgus—and his female Twi'lek escort, Eleena Daru, move up the steps of the Jedi Temple where they are met by several members of the Temple Security Force. Drawing a red lightsaber, Malgus dispatches the guards with a series of quick slashes and the use of the Force. Atop the main entryway, a crouched woman, Shae Vizla, takes her signal from Malgus, and infiltrates an upper level of the Temple using her jetpack. Vizla proceeds to kill several more guards with her blaster, before checking the holographic display on her gauntlet, monitoring the progress of the shuttle. Casually striding into the Temple, Malgus and Daru are met with well over a dozen Jedi, including Jedi Master Ven Zallow, who surround the pair with active lightsabers. As planned, the shuttle violently crashes through the Temple entrance, smashing through old stone columns before finally coming to rest a short distance behind Malgus. The shuttle's boarding ramp lowers, revealing another cloaked figure who proceeds to ignite a red lightsaber; taking a few steps forward, the darkness behind him is illuminated by the activation of over twenty more blades of crimson energy.

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Outro Song – Clouds By Monchichirex -

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