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00:00 Spider-Man 3
As we already reported a few weeks ago, Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 is going to be a spectacular crossover respectively multiverse. As told by the Hollywood Reporter, characters such as the villain Doctor Octopus from Sony’s Spider-Man 3 are back. The tragic figure of Doc Ock is again going to be played by Alfred Molina. This is of course not the only opponent Peter Parker has to deal with...

01:08 Metal Gear Solid
After there had been no news about the „Metal Gear Solid“ film for a long time, the leading actor has now been officially announced. As reported by many sources, including Deadline, there is talk of Oscar Isaac, who played the role of Poe Dameron in the „Star Wars“ trilogy. Well, now he can portray Solid Snake, who has to cope with a range of elite soldiers who have access to nuclear weapons...

01:50 Nolan vs. WarnerBros
Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers - the director and the motion picture studio have been working closely together since 2002. From „Inception“ to the „Dark Night Trilogy“ and „Interstellar“ - almost every movie was a complete success. In a conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker criticizes the recently announced plans of releasing all of next year’s movies on HBO Max and in cinemas collaterally...

03:04 Godzilla vs. Kong
Last weekend, on the occasion of the virtual Comic Con Experience in Brazil, many fans thought there could be a first trailer for Universal’s monster spectacle „Godzilla vs. Kong“ - unfortunately again to no avail. But even if a full trailer has not yet been published, fans can still look forward to a few seconds of video material and get a first impression. You can't see a direct face-off of the giants yet..

04:07 Disney Investor Day
No one had expected this to be such a big deal: Disney announces ten Marvel and "Star Wars" series and 15 brand-new Disney and Pixar films. What sounds unbelievable at first was presented during Disney's Investor Day. "Star Wars" in particular will be stocked with plenty of content, including a film by Patty Jenkins called "Star Wars - Rogue Squadron", the new film directed by Taika Waititi and the animated film "A Droid Story", which is about an all-new droid alongside C-3PO and R2-D2...

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