Soul Soothing-Sound Frequencies-DNA Resonance-Relaxation-Energy Bathing-Sleep-Meditation-Restoration

Here to bring you peace and soothe your soul.

Presenting a wide array of music to encourage peace within.

Music that is great for relaxing, meditation, dreaming, yoga, massage, learning, studying, focus, reading, thinking, sleeping, working and traveling.

Music for practices such as: Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga Practice, Mindfulness practice, Holistic Therapy Spa Therapy, Alternative Therapy, Zen Practice, Sound Therapy, Light Therapy, Resonance, Therapy, and simply music to Calm yourself down and Chill Out.

Music Genres: Ambient Background, Music, Sleep Music, Focus and Study Music, Relaxation Music, Gentle Music, Meditation Music, Soothing Music, Binaural Beats and Theta Tone Music. Tibetan Music, Native American Music, Positive Relaxing Music, Zone Out Music, Uplifting Music, Inspiring Music, Soundscapes.

Music for: Good Vibes Music, Positive Affirmation Music, Peaceful Music, Healing Music, Music for Altered States of Awareness. Music to Uplift the Soul, Soul Massage, Music for concentration, altered states of awareness, negativity, low mood, anxiety, clearing the subconscious, depression, fatigue, stress relief,enhance memory and focus, Therapeutic background music.

Tips for Renewal:
Breathe through the challenges
Be mindful of the moment
Let thoughts pass like trains
Practice appreciation
Trust the universe
Bring your attention within
LOVE, LOVE and LOVE even more!

Thanks for visiting our channel.Hope you enjoy your relaxing mood. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to share ideas and thoughts for future uploads.

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Much gratitude to soundscape creator
Soundtrack: E, Espadas
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