Saint Seiya ♪ Pegasus Fantasy [feat. Velson D'Souza]

Pegasus Fantasy from Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) symphonic metal version.
I grew up watching animes and this song reminds my childhood. It brings me back very good memories with my brothers watching TV after school... There were a lot of good animes at that time, but this one here was the most important. So important to me that when I was afraid to sleep I started to sing this and the other songs from Saint Seiya in my head to avoid everything that was scaring me... preventing me from sleep. So I can tell you that this is the best I could do with this great song "Pegasus Fantasy". It wasn't easy, but it was pleasant and worth it.

► I would like to thank Velson D'Souza for accepting to sing this version. Thanks bro! Be sure to follow him on Instagram: @velson.dsouza

► Huge thanks to all my patrons that made this work possible! Specially:
Daniel Pamio, Adilton Janeiro, Beatriz Alves dos Santos, Camilo Camurça, Filipe Favaro, Luciano Nonato Martins, Guilherme Reis, Justun Gao and Kasper Petersen.

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→ Audio/video edits, song arrangement, orchestration and production by Nonatomusic

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