Relaxing asmr sleeping music in Japanese Kyoto's style. Author's theme song by Elaizz

Hi) I present to you a lullaby relaxing video
Music: Elaizz - Filling Kyoto's Star

Today you will hear a new piano composition which will lead you to sleep, it's made for the people who likes healing frequency music.

As you remember, I try to release a new music video everyday.

Everybody in our world has a stress, maybe that's why asmr videos are so popular now. But I have my own view on that matter, so instead of relaxing videos you are use to, I create lullaby.

Don't forget to use loop function on YouTube, so you can continuously listen and sleep to this melody.

You can find this music on Spotify, or other streaming services and stores, iTunes, and others.
It usually takes 5 to 20 days for a song to appear there, from the day the video is upload on YouTube. But in the meantime, you can check my other songs and music⤵️

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