Rain & Deep Thunder Nature Sounds for Relax, Study, Sleep [Muhammad Jawad Afzal]

I am Muhammad Jawad Afzal, I am professionally a teacher have been serving in Private and Public sector for the last many years. I am trying to put my best material for you and your love once.
I want you to feel at peace. That is why I began this channel Muhammad Jawad Afzal to offer a space for you to rebalance the relationship between your mind and body through beautiful and calming music. I have composed each note with the intention of offering you an aural respite from the noise of everyday life. Sometimes work, school, difficult times etc. can be overwhelming, but I've always found that being surrounded by music has made all these circumstances more bearable for me. My hope is that my music can do the same for you through Muhammad Jawad Afzal.
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