Quincy Jones - Straight, No Chaser [1961]

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Quincy Jones - Straight, No Chaser [1961]

A 12-bar blues in B♭ which, as in "Blue Monk", makes creative use of chromatics in the melody. It was first recorded July 23, 1951 for the Genius of Modern Music sessions, and later appears on Mulligan Meets Monk, 5 by Monk by 5, Straight, No Chaser, and on Monk's Blues. Live versions appear on the albums recorded in Italy, Tokyo, It Club and at the Jazz Workshop.
Miles Davis recorded a version on his Milestones album, in which the tune is played in F rather than B♭. It has been recorded numerous times by Monk and others and is one of Monk's most covered songs.
Lyrics were written by Sally Swisher and the song was recorded in 1988 by Carmen McRae as part of her studio album Carmen Sings Monk. For copyright reasons, the song was renamed "Get It Straight".
Music educator Mark C. Gridley wrote about Monk's composition style: "Monk employed simple compositional devices with very original results. His "Straight, No Chaser" involves basically only one idea played again and again, each time in a different part of the measure and with a different ending.

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