Pointe du Lac - E4E6 (défense française)

"E4E6" :
from the "Pointe du Lac" album "LP2", Available on all DSP's and on vinyl here:

Video made by a group of art students using Super 8 film.
Students are : Clélia Baudrie, Jean-Léon Blanchard, Esther Blanchet, Haydée Bret-Fernier, Timothée Chassin-Gillet, Anouk Chataigner, Raphaël Colson, Isabelle Engrand-Brion, Sophie Gailliard, Emie Gloriod, Bertrand Rivard, Julie Rousseau, Lionel Zadunaisky.

Thanks to them and to Laure Peigné for this great idea.

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