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Check out a Award Winning Short Film Named "Padmavyuha" a sanskrit term which means Chakravyūha (Sanskrit: चक्रव्यूह) is a military formation used to surround enemies,.

One of the curated award winning silent short film for our viewers by our expert panel of judges.

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Short Film - Padmavyuha
Star Cast - Soham Sunil Surve, Amit Mallya, Preeti Bohra, Vishal Dagade, Vikram Dagade, Gopal Pathak, Shailendra Singh, Anand Jhaveri, Sahil Dhawde
Director - Ramkrishna Vadla
Producer - Ramkrishna Vadla
Writter - Nirmit Haldankar & Ramkrishna Vadla
DOP - Nirmit Haldankar
Editor - Narendra Gangurde
Music - Amarjeet Prabhu Desai
Mixing & Mastering - Melroy Furtado
Duration 12mins
Genre - Family Drama
Rating - U
Digital Partner - Movietone Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Story Synopsis - “PADMAVYUHA”, is a silent short film made
completely with sublime visualizations and filming
techniques, and is articulately supported with a fabled
background score. The film is setup on a multiple layer
format which hopes to keep the audiences engaged with the
screen until the end.And in the end, we intend that the
audiences will not merely get entertained, but are also
compelled to introspect into their own being based on their
interpretation of this subject."

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