On the 12th Date of Christmas (NEW 2020 Hallmark Christmas Movie) | Jennifer & Aidan

This is such a fun Christmas movie from Hallmark! I thoroughly enjoyed it, although the ending could be a bit stronger. Overall, this is a very entertaining movie to watch during this Christmas.

The story revolves around a Christmas scavenger hunt game development by the main character, Aidan (played by Tyler Hynes). However, the game development took an interesting turn when Aidan's partner is replaced by Jennifer (played by Mallory Jansen). The two did not get off on the right foot, they had very different ways of working and thinking, however, after getting to know each other a bit more, they started to change their perceptions of each other and the game development has turned into something neither expected.

As I said before, this movie is very entertaining. The chemistry between the two actors is fantastic, the banter between the two is very fun to watch. It will certainly put a smile on your face during this holiday.

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