Not My Alpha (Banished) || Sad GLMM || Gacha Life Mini Movie|| Original Series E.p1

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This is a Gacha life animated mini movie relating to gacha life love story combined with action.

Legend of the alpha is an original gacha life series Where shansun the little Alpha is banished from his wolf pack by the leader who happens to be shansun's father the mighty alpha.

After banishment, the alpha enrolls in an all human highschool where he meets his bully tyler who happens to be the principals son and is inlove with sonia who is inlove with shansun the alpha. these creates a huge drama in school in this gacha life alpha mini movie that tyler the bully says shansun is not my alpha.

Not to spoil the fun, go ahead and watch this gacha life mini movie of maria roza TTVTT.
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