NEFFEX - Savage [Official Video]

NEFFEX - Savage [Official Video]


if I stay will you stay
if I go will you go
if I pay will you play
do you know what I know
do you love do you hate
do you care what I say
is it all just the same
always make these mistakes

ooo eeee
take me
play me
all I wanna do is please
wanna spread like a disease

ooo eee
I just wanna feel you breathe
I just wanna fill your needs

Oh yea I woke up on my mattress
Next to a savage

if you wanna stay ay
baby girl don’t go oh
look the other way ay
nobody will know oh
if it’s all the same ay
call my place your home oh
I don’t wanna chase ay but
don’t want you to go oh

all I want is you ooo
all you need is me ee
I know what to do Ooo
only I can see ee
know I love the view ooo
climb under the sheets
do just what you do ooo
put me back to sleep

Oh yea I woke up on my mattress
Next to a savage

You take a fucking bad chick
put her on a mattress
baby she’s a savage
but she lets me have it
oh we getting at it
wine a couple glasses
you could be my captive
baby be proactive.

she looking so attractive
dress with the backless
we can make it happen
you could be the captain
I’ll take you to the cabin
penthouse mansion
and she used to acting
but I ain’t casting

Oh yea I woke up on my mattress
Next to a savage

she feelin so lonely
everybody owns me
treated like a trophy
everybody’s phony
she stay so low key
they don’t truly know me
she just wanna show me
take it real slowly

she working long hours
takin long showers
chasing down downers
over the counter
She cashing in vouchers
screamin out louder
no one around her
surprised I even found her

Oh yea I woke up on my mattress
Next to a savage
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