Mujhe Peene Do - Darshan Raval | Official Music Video | Romantic Song 2020 | Indie Music Label |

It's time to raise a toast in the name of that someone special who once used to be close
to you. Darshan Raval's "Mujhe Peene Do" is
that perfect evening mood song.

An E Positive Entertainment Production

Indie Music Label Content Head : Gaurav Chawla

Indie Music Label Digital Head : Vishal Bhende

For Live Shows and Brand Inquiries:
Devica Gomes / Jyoti P

Song : Mujhe Peene Do
Singer & Composer : Darshan Raval
Lyricist : Gurpreet Saini & Gautam G. Sharma
Music Production : Anmol Daniel
Guitars : Roland Fernandes
Flute : Tejas Vinchurkar
Backing vocals : Hardil Pandya & Anmol Daniel
Mixed and mastered by Himanshu Shirlekar

Video Credits

Cast : Darshan Raval
Directed By : Gautam Govind Sharma
Assistant Directors : Swapnil Dhabhai
D.O.P : Sanket Shah
Chief Assistant Cinematographer : Sameer Armarkar
Focus puller : Sanjay .B . Thorat
Editor : Pankaj Sharma
Colourist : Rahil Merchant
Stylist : Richa Singh
Executive Producer : Pawan Jajoo
Darshan's Makeup : Subhash Shinde
Darshan's Hair : Team Hakim’s Aalim (Subrata)
Still Photography : Zahir Abbas Khan
Poster Design : Aman Kalsi

Digital Distribution: KGV Kiran Kumar & Team ( Believe India )

Legal Consultant : Priyanka Khimani (Anand and Anand & Khimani)

Indie Music Digital Team : Avish Patel

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