Michael Learns To Rock Greatest Hits Full Album -- MLTR Love Songs -- Best Of Michael Learns To Rock

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[00:00:00] - 01. Breaking My Heart
[00:03:53] - 02. Whatever It May Take
[00:08:56] - 03. That's Why (You Go Away)
[00:13:07] - 04. Paint My Love
[00:16:58] - 05. The Actor
[00:21:28] - 06. Complicated Heart
[00:25:51] - 07. 25 Minutes
[00:30:12] - 08. Blue Night
[00:33:49] - 09. How Many Hours
[00:38:31] - 10. Take Me To Your Heart
[00:42:29] - 11. Out Of The Blue
[00:46:25] - 12. Sleeping Child
[00:49:57] - 13. Love Will Never Lie
[00:53:27] - 14. SomeDay SomeWay
[00:57:12] - 15. I'm Gonna Be Around
[01:01:30] - 16. You Took My Heart Away
[01:05:58] - 17. Eternal Love
[01:10:06] - 18. Nothing To Lose
[01:14:02] - 19. If You Leave My World...
[01:18:12] - 20. Fools Direction
[01:22:07] - 21. Ghost of You
[01:26:03] - 22. Forever And A Day
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