Marc Martel - Fat Bottomed Girls - Featuring the UQC (Queen cover)

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What can I say about “Fat Bottomed Girls”? For one, it is one of the more polarizing songs in the Queen catalog, from my own experience. It’s almost always included in the set list, no matter where I play with a band. If we are overseas - anywhere overseas - it goes over like some lesser-known deep cut, even in Queen’s homeland of England. But the moment we sing that harmonic intro in the USA, everyone is on their feet and ready to party. I guess maybe we have the American Food & Drug Administration for that. Thanks, FDA! America, especially, loves “Fat Bottomed Girls,” and they are none too shy to show it. Always a good time. Thanks to Brian May for penning a good ol’ fashioned down and dirty barn-burner!

This is now our second installment of the Ultimate Queen Celebration’s “At Home” performances, and we are having a blast with these. Brandon, Tristan, Mike, Oskar, my team, and I, all salute you, and hope you get a kick outta this one!
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