Kabhi Kabhi Aur - Baig

Kabhi Kabhi Aur - Baig - Karachi 1986 EP

Kabhi kabhi aur
Dil bhi to waadaa karay aap say
Na karain ghaur
Ayain to sahi
In mehilon mein kya jeena
Mere paas agar na tu hai

Teri aankhon mein mera pyar
Thori baatein karain aur
Kehlay abhi to aaya
Aap ke paas
Kehlay abhi to aya

Tum na bhulaana
Aaja bus aisay aa
Aaja bus waisay aa ja jaana
Aaja bus aisay aa ja jaanain ja

Kabhi kabhi aur...

+ Lyrics, Vocals, Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Ali Aminuddin
+ Artwork: Baig, Graphic Mercenary, Lil Ragaey

+ Description:
Baig is a project started by Ali Aminuddin (a self taught Pakistani-Canadian music artist living in Edmonton, Alberta). Recapturing the nostalgia for his past, Baig delivers to us a refreshing synthwave project that defines the essence of the retro 1980s combined with some new elements. The theme of this project is to display the graceful acceptance and sadness one feels upon acknowledging a past that shall never return. The subjects of love and heartbreak help to depict the agony and longing for people and things from the past. The realization that the longer you are made to wait for something, the more deeply you will begin to cherish it.

Baig - Karachi 1986 EP (2020)

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+ Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook: @baigmusic
+ Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/baig1986
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+ Youtube: youtube.com/user/AliAminuddin
+ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0QePwGHXfewMa9mpcoHgzr?si=gjzT9bZrQ_uw1HoXfT5c8A
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