'Fu Mo Luo Han' Leading Trailer- Coffin Mad Cholera on Earth

Juvenile Jiang Liuer has been living a peaceful and stable life. Until one day three demons broke into the village of Santun, and the heroine Caiying and his cousin Tianyun appeared to drop the magic. However, when the magic was about to fall, Master Zhishou suddenly appeared with Jiang Liuer, and put away the magic in one fell swoop. In fact, Jiang Liu'er and Cai Ying were originally small, but at this time, Jiang Liu'er, whose memory was sealed up, could not remember who was Cai Ying.
Inspired by Caiying, Jiang Liuer gradually recalled the past, and also vaguely remembered the hatred at that time. Jiang Liuer, who wanted to find out his own life and find out the truth of his memory loss, decided to secretly practice martial arts in the temple. On the next day, Zhao Wuyi went into Santun Village with his coffin on his back, and started killing all the way. Everyone fought in Santun Village, and Tian Yun, who had a high level of self-confidence, was defeated by Zhao Wuyi.
Jiang Liu'er also learned the exercises while studying the Dharma, and gradually remembered everything. It turned out that it was his father who sought to refine the method of elixir, which trapped Zhao Wuyi and his wife Afu. The source of the hatred was his father's greed. Jiang Liuer decided to dedicate himself to resolve the contradiction. In the end, Jiang Liu'er fought with Zhao Wuyi, and finally Zhao Zhaoyi was finalized.
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