Feelings - Vatsala | Female Version | Sumit Goswami

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Cover Credits

Vocals - Vatsala
Music/Mix & Master - Vicky Singh @ Vicky Singh Studio
Video - Whizz Music Productions

Original Credits

Singer/Lyrics/Composer - Sumit Goswami
Music - KHATRI
Director/Editor - Deepesh Goyal
Starring - Sumit Goswami & Aarti Sharma
Concept / Screenplay - Anish
DOP - Mukul
EP - Anish
Asst. Director - Tranz Gulshan, Robin Shaurya
Video Co-ordinator - Neha Jindal
Styling : Parikshit Verma ( Stylexparik)
Music Assist - Manthan, Veer Rawat
Mix- Master - dr.db
Production - Deepesh Rakheja
Casting - Deepesh Rakheja (Aarti Sharma)
Makeup & Hair - Anandita ,Sanju
Stills - Manish Gaur (mgproductions)
Making - Who_Lalit
Publicity Design - Sumit Bamal

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