Elvis The Early Years TV show & Robocop

I have a massive amount of documentation on my website substantiating the fact that Elvis most likely did some movie production work and recorded songs under the name of ORION/ORION PICTURES after he left in 1977.


This video is a portion of my documentation of the Elvis and Orion Pictures connection. Please visit my website pages to see all of the material proving the connection.

In Feb.,1990, during the airing of the TV SERIES ELVIS: THE EARLY YEARS, Orion Pictures’ previews of their movie RoboCop were aired during the commercial breaks of the very first and second episodes. Then immediately following the second episode, the movie RoboCop aired. So this is further documentation of the Elvis and Orion connection.

It was so exciting for me to see the second Elvis… episode end with the announcement of “RoboCop…next” while the closing credits of the Elvis episode were still running. Then there is the beautiful ORION Pictures logo.

You will see an excerpt from the first episode during which the announcement for “Robocop airing next week” aired.

I apologize for the footage of the other commercials in my video…however, this was necessary in order to prove the flow of the Orion movie mentions immediately after the Elvis episodes.

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