ELECTRONIC music Neffex Careless Dance (EDM) Copyright Free

ELECTRONIC music Neffex Careless Dance (EDM) Copyright Free

Music: Neffex - Careless
Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed)

The NEFFEX story might be the only thing more unique than the Southern California duo’s genre-shattering music. In 2016 the pair of lifelong friends—Bryce Savage [vocals] and Cameron Wales [guitar, DJ]—decided to release an original song every Wednesday at 9am for 100 weeks. Using their own innovative twists and D.I.Y. spirit, they went even further and shared their music, royalty-free, with hundreds of YouTube channels, influencers, and blogs. Their songs exploded in popularity and, by 2018, they had unleashed over 110 originals, plus remixes, that blended the sonic worlds of guitar-driven pop, alternative, electronic and hip-hop. These tracks self-produced, self-mixed/mastered and self-written have amounted to a billion streams & still growing by 60+ million monthly.

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