Death Metal Quiz 3 - Name the Band/Album

Discover new music or flex by naming the 30 Artists/Albums from the small audio snippets and artwork previews. The music selection leans towards modern technical death metal.

Answers and Bandcamp links below:

Intro Shokran Exodus

1 Neuraxis The Thin Line Between

2 Afterburner Tomb of Kings

3 Gorod Leading Vision

4 Foreboding Ether Dunamis

5 Alterbeast Immortal

6 Illuminati The Core

7 Solipsis Absolution

8 Undisclosed Dimensions Awakening

9 Martyr Feeding The Abscess

10 Sacrificed Alliance Withdrawn

11 Radamanthys Another Dimension

12 Lost Soul Chaostream

13 Sarpanitum Blessed Be My Brothers

14 Slice The Cake Odyssey to the West

15 World Under Blood Tactical

Maintenance In Human Form III

16 Beneath The Massacre Marée Noire

17 Spawn Of Possession Cabinet

18 Blame Almanac

19 Vomit the Hate Land of the Damned

20 Brought By Pain Crafted By Society

21 Sinners Bleed Absolution

22 Nervecell Past, Present...Torture

23 Монсальват Ordalium

24 Inanimate Existence A Never Ending Cycle of Atonement

25 Embodiment Palingenesis

26 Antenora Horrors

27 Alarum Natural Causes

28 Shattered New Atlantis

29 Amentia Scourge

30 Son of Aurelius The Farthest Reaches
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