De-Essing Hip-Hop/Rap Vocals, Vocoder & An Old Archive Recording with The United Plugins Voxessor

Hey Sonics!

It's Tuesday and we're back with another weekly episode. How is everyone doing this week? In today's episode, we're taking a look at a new plugin from United Plugins, The Voxessor.

And we're going to be using the Hip-Hop/Rap Vocals, Vocoder, and old archive recording from my new single "Eye of the Storm" to test out The Voxessor.

"Eye of the Storm" a collaboration with London-Base Rapper Costi, is out now exclusively via Bandcamp. You can also pre-order via iTunes and Amazon. And you can pre-save the single via Spotify.

"Eye of the Storm"
Music & Production: Tobisonics
Vocals & Lyrics: Costi
Mix Engineer: Magnus Emilsson
Mastering Engineer: Tobisonics
Lyric Video: Tobisonics
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