Daulatwala | New Release Full Hindi Dubbed Movie 2020 | New South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi

Movie Synopsis: Six youngsters form the Brave Human gang, which indulges in robbery in their small town. When one of them passes in his boards finally and gets into college, he sees love and a new life. This peeves his friends who feel they aren't his priority anymore. Meanwhile, a tough cop is out to crack the whip on this gang. What happens is the crux of the story.
This film, set in a small town of Karnataka in the late 70s and 80s, is based on real-life incidents of crime that director Mussanje Mahesh has adapted into a crime thriller. The film begins on a slow pace, but it picks up pace towards the interval. The film shows six wastrel friends as the protagonists, out of which five have no ambition but to just lead the life without much worry. When one of them wants to see the good life after finally clearing his board exams, the friends are supportive. But, when he falls in love and hides his feelings from the rest, there are misunderstandings that creep in.
The film is definitely not for the faint heated as it has a lot of blood and gore. There are some harsh dialogues too, but they are essential to the script in many ways. The local dialect used in the film also adds to the appeal. Devaraj is in top form. Meghana Raj is commendable in the climax, which shows her hold her fort as a performer. The six gang members do their job. Go for this film if you are up for some gory drama with a rustic touch.

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