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► Song: Onur Ormen & Calli Boom - Legacy II

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✔️ Onur Ormen

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Some rhyme for the groupies
And Some rhyme for the loochie
All My rhymes become movies
Time to climb out that hooptie
I've Been trying so long
Been surviving the calm
All that silence is gone
My alliance is strong
Never gonna beat my clique
My team is sick sweat and tears we bleeded it
Let me teach a bit about leadership
Gotta face your fears and defeat it quick
I'm the chief at this bitch eat a dick
You prayed for our demise
I Saw the bar and exceeded it
Never wasted any time
I came in the game
I was Aiming for fame
It was me myself and I
Never thought to stop believing
And now you see I'm on the rise
When you stare into my reflection
Look look deep into my eyes
And no it aint a question
My team is right behind thats my clique
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