Cobra Fantastic - Teenage Space Invader - Halloween Edition

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Words and music by Big Daddy Fantastic (aka David Garlitz)

Cobra Fantastic is :
Big Daddy Fantastic - guitar & vocals
AliSunshine Fantastic (Alison Young) - vocals
Saralicious Fantastic (Sarah-Lane Roberts) - vocals
The Flying Woodhawkhunterson (Josiah Woodson) - trumpet
Prezident Fantastic (David Prez) - tenor sax
Thumpasaurus Fantastic (Simon Tailleu) - bass
Karlitos el Fantástico (Karl Jannuska) - drums

Recorded and mixed by Nicolas David at Studio Quadrature.
Mastered at Studio Sequenza by Thomas Vingtrinier.

Filmed by Anthony Caillet.
Animation and editing by Big Daddy Fantastic.

Lyrics :
You’ve probably seen me around
I’m starting to get the hang of being cool
You’ve probably noticed my smile
Naturally you assume I’m into you

But you’re a fool
Yeah, you’re just like the others
You don’t know what it’s like
It’s not true
That we could never be lovers
But I would have to liquefy your mind

I’m just a teenage space invader
From the Planet 9
I’m just a teenage space invader
From the Planet 9

My folks just don’t understand
All the care about is taking down the human race
I just wanna meet a nice Earth girl
Maybe slightly liquefy her mind
And take her back to my place

It’s not cool
When you’re not like the others
You don’t know what it’s like
I’m no fool
If I tell my sisters and brothers
They will most likely eat me alive


I never knew
That we could feel so all alone
Stranded in the galaxy
Light-years away from home
And all those years I spent observing you
Out in orbit up above
Who knew that I would one day learn to love?
Learn to love

It’s not true
That we could never be lovers
Now you know what it’s like
Why won’t you
Be my significant other?
Baby, won’t you let me liquefy your mind?


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