[Christmas Song 2020] YOU CAME TO US | Giancarlo Monsalve (Official Music Video)

YOU CAME TO US - a Christmas Song | Giancarlo Monsalve (Official Music Video)

The idea of this Christmas Song is to bring consciousness about the real meaning of Christmas. It will bring you from the coziness of our house to a worship night at church and from there to Mary and Joseph who were crossing the wild desert with a donkey to finally arrive at the little barn in Bethlehem. We will have a flashback Scene to how Jesus Christ fulfilled the promise that made us all free! Yes free because Jesus Christ is freedom and Love! Not condemnation! As you see it is all a mix, also a mixing of styles going from fully pop to fully opera voice! I hope you enjoy it, this is my Christmas present to you.

If you want to support us to continue producing and bringing more music and film videos to life, please contact us directly! There are no middlemen or organizations behind our family productions, just me and my wife.

You can contact us at our official email address contact@giancarlomonsalve.com

Thank you very much, God bless you, and Merry Christmas!


YOU CAME TO US - a Christmas Song
Song and lyrics: Giancarlo Monsalve Leyton
Musical arrangements and orchestration: Adam Meredith

Producer: Giancarlo Monsalve Leyton
Director: Giancarlo Monsalve Leyton
Writers: Giancarlo and Anna-Madeleine Monsalve Leyton
Costumes: Anna-Madeleine Monsalve Leyton
Dance Choreography: Carmen Puleo and Sarah Nadge

Giancarlo Monsalve: Self
Anna-Madeleine Monsalve Leyton: Self
Monsalve Leyton Family: Self
Mandy Missal: Mary
Jan Philip Kneusels: Joseph
Mattis Rath: Baby Jesus
Carmen Puleo: Dancer
Sarah Nadge: Dancer
Matthias Dahlmann: Crucifixion scene
Marvin Schröder: Crucifixion scene
Uli Handrang: Crucifixion scene

Extras in Church:
Ruben Puleo, Jana Holling, Nicole Petrick, Kirsten Kost, Holger Kost, Nicola Steinrede, Rudolf Sager, Debby Sundmäcker, Conny Möller, Norbert Zäpernick, Maria Böttcher, Andy Wendt, Cäcilie Münch-Arnold, Roswitha Fey, Wolfgang Fey

Cameras: Giancarlo Monsalve Leyton, Marcel Kriwet
Video Edition: Giancarlo Monsalve Leyton

Special thanks to the Leuchtfeuer Gemeinde for the human and technical help and collaboration.
Special thanks to the Rath Family for bringing them beautiful newborn baby to be Jesus in our production.
Special thanks to Sophia Paul, owner of Velvet the “Donkey”
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