Can Chappers & The Captain Create a Great Tone from the Zoom G11 Multi-FX?

Chappers & The Captain reminisce some of their favourite Zoom Multi-Effects pedals in an attempt to the test out the new Zoom G11 Mutil-FX Guitar Processor. Rebuilt & redesigned for the modern guitarist - what will the guys think of their new flagship model? ➡️

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The G11 is the latest flagship model in Zoom's multi-effects guitar processors. Completely redesigned & rebuilt from the ground up, the Zoom G11 offers new hardware, new software & an all-encompassing unit for any modern guitarist. Equipped with an abundance of original amp sounds, 70 IR cabinet emulations & a 5-minuet stereo looper. Getting into the creative headspace could never have been easier with an endless amount of tonal possibilities.

↪️ Episode Guide ↩️
» 0:00 Intro Jam on the Zoom G11 MultiFX
» 1:13 History of Zoom Effects
» 2:15 New Zoom G11 Multi-Effects Guitar Processor
» 3:14 First Thoughts
» 4:21 First 12 Presets
» 9:20 Let's Take a Look at the Features
» 10:46 Drum Tracks & Looper
» 11:33 Tuner & Touchscreen
» 14:24 Let's Create a Patch
» 18:10 Final Thoughts
» 20:57 Outro Loop on The Zoom G11 MultiFX

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