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A quick and short review of Breathe: Into the Shadows.

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Breathe: Into The Shadows revolves around psychiatrist Dr Avinash Sabharwal (played by Abhishek Bachchan), whose six-year-old daughter Siya is kidnapped by a mysterious masked man.

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Breathe: Into The Shadows is a follow-up series to Breathe Season 1 that was released in 2018, starring R Madhavan and Amit Sadh in the lead roles.

Abhishek Bachchan plays Avinash Sabharwal, a psychiatrist with a thriving practice in Gurugram. Such is his influence, we are told, that he is frequently summoned to appear in trials, providing ‘expert testimony’ that even an intern could successfully counter. But he delivers it with a stern expression and in a vaguely foreign accent. So he must be taken seriously.

Avinash and his chef wife, Abha, are parents to a young girl named Siya, who is a ‘juvenile diabetic’ in need of regular insulin shots. Their quiet life of domesticity in New Delhi is disrupted when, at a friend’s birthday party, Siya goes missing. Cops are called, and they do the customary ‘chhanbeen’ of the crime scene, waving flashlights under tables and opening their eyes really wide. But alas, Siya isn’t in some bathroom stall, giggling to herself; she has, in fact, been taken.

Months go by before Avinash and Abha are contacted by the kidnapper, via a hilariously cartoonish letter and a free iPad. And on that free iPad, the kidnapper has uploaded an expertly cut montage of Siya, in a cell of sorts, being looked after by a young woman. Siya, as it turns out, is alive and well. In fact, her eating habits have improved in captivity.

By leaning far too heavily on the crime thriller aspects of the show, writer-director Mayank Sharma completely dilutes the family drama.

‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’ is another crime-drama in a sea of shows pertaining to law, order and crime. Yes, there was promise, checking the digital debut boxes for notable actors like Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menen, but the show struggles to become more than just that. To give credit where it’s due – the series is engrossing enough with twists and turns that won’t let you switch over. Even the performance by the cast is note-worthy, backed by author-backed character sketches and layered writing. But is there something we haven’t seen already?

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