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A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Explained in Hindi |A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 Movie Ending Explained हिंदी मे
A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 1984 American supernatural slasher film. Movie is written and directed by Wes Craven, and produced by Robert Shaye.

Plot: A young girl realises that she has to stay awake at any cost to avoid the clawed killer who is butchering her friends one by one in their dreams.
Johnny Depp as Glen Lantz ( 1st Movie of Johnny Depp)
Heather Langenkamp as Nancy Thompson
Amanda Wyss as Tina Gray
Jsu Garcia as Rod Lane
John Saxon as Don
Robert Englund as Fred "Freddy" Krueger
IMDB: 7.5
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Written & Directed by Wes Craven
Produced by Robert Shaye
Edited by Patrick McMahon, Rick Shaine
Cinematography: Jacques Haitkin
Music by Charles Bernstein
Release date November 9, 1984
Running time 91 minutes
Budget $1.8 million (13 Crore Rupee)
Box office $57 million (419 Crore Rupee)

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