Black Clover Asta's Father Asta and Liebe TWINS

Black Clover Asta's Father
Black Clover Chapter 290 spoilers might show us more about Asta and Liebe. Astas Devil Liebe is possibly Asta's Brother and Asta's Father might be Astaroth. Asta's Mother seem to have given Asta away not because she was dangerous but because of Asta's Brother Liebe and Lucifero. In Black Clover chapter 290 we hopefully see more of Liebe backstory. Asta's Parents seem to have planned everything, even Asta's Grimoire. If Asta's Dad is Astaroth then Asta and Liebe are Devil Hybrids and Twins. Soon the Black Clover chapter 290 RAW are out and we will release our Black Clover chapter 290 Review. However we are still waiting for the Black Clover Episode 171 and the Black Clover movie
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