Bill Evans - Beautiful Love - Take 2 [1961]

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Bill Evans - Beautiful Love - Take 2 [1961]

"Beautiful Love" is a popular song composed by Wayne King, Victor Young and Egbert Van Alstyne with lyrics by Haven Gillespie. It was introduced by the Wayne King Orchestra in 1931. The song has been called the "second favourite number" of King, after the Orchestra's theme song "The Waltz You Saved for Me".
As a popular jazz standard, the song is included in the first volume of the Real Book as well as the New Real Book.
It appears as a love theme both in the 1932 film The Mummy (when it is played during the ball sequence where Helen is telepathically called to the museum), and in the film Hotel Continental, also 1932. The song is included in the film Sing a Jingle (1944) and it was also included in the 1989 film Crimes and Misdemeanors by Woody Allen.
Joe Pass performed the song at the Brecon Jazz Festival in 1991 and stated in good jest that he couldn't remember if it was by Victor Herbert, Victor Young or Victor Mature.

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