Best Relaxing Calming Therapy Music , SPA Relax Music for Zen Yoga and TANTRA, Peace and Sleeping

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Being RELAXED can help ease STRESS. It can also relieve ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and SLEEP problems. To RELAX means to CALM the MIND, the BODY, or both. RELAXING can quiet your MIND and make you feel PEACEFUL and CALM.

Beginning YOGA is always exciting, but first, you should at least be familiar with its general concepts and requirements. The term yoga originated from the Sanskrit language, and its literal translation is "union". The UNION being referred to here would be that of one's MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.
As you may have heard already, YOGA is not only an intense PHYSICAL workout, but is also a good way to get in touch with your INNER self through MEDITATION. True, some types of YOGA keep you busy bending in what otherwise would have been unimaginable poses, but the DEEP CONCENTRATION and FOCUS required for you to achieve these poses already introduces you to MEDITATION.
Practitioners would vouch that because of YOGA, they have improved their FOCUS whether it be for their work or personal LIFE. That's the good thing about YOGA. It does not only result to a healthier BODY, it also brings you a healthier MINDSET, and over-all well-being.
YOGA as an exercise is well-known for improving one's BREATHING, FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY, and general IMMUNITY. This is because the activity FOCUSES on the CLEANSING of the BODY from the inside, allowing for better BLOOD CIRCULATION, which helps FLUSH out TOXINS from the BODY.

Therefore, another important characteristic of TANTRA, which is very much EMPHASIZE, is that SPIRITUAL growth is realized through extreme INTENSITY of ENERGY spontaneously born during the PASSIONATE living of INTENSE EMOTIONS, including both SEXUAL and NON-SEXUAL EMOTIONS.
The SUPREME EXISTENCE reveals it self instantaneously during the tumult of violent EMOTIONS such as EXTREME terror, vivid CURIOSITY, DEEP COMPASSION, total ANGER, profound PLEASURE.

It is common to THINK of INTUITION as an INSTINCTUAL, or even MAGICAL PHENOMENON, but our hunches are ASSUMPTION formed on the basis of past EXPERIENCE and cumulative KNOWLEDGE. They tend to arise HOLISTICALLY and QUICKLY, without CONSCIOUS awareness of the underlying MENTAL process of information.
INTUITION is nonconscious THINKING; essentially, the BRAIN on autopilot. Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated how information can register on the BRAIN without CONSCIOUS awareness and POSITIVELY influence decision-making.

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