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Love is the most beautiful feeling that inspires, inspires and makes the world a better place. That's why romantic movies are my absolute favorites. I love good love stories and I am absolutely sure that they will not leave you indifferent either! After all, to feel the strongest emotional tension, to wait with bated breath for love to overcome all obstacles, to cry out at last-isn't this bliss! So if you are looking hard for a good romantic movie, you will surely find a lot of worthy offers in our channel, the most romantic movies in the history of cinema! Thanks to the description of the plot, atmosphere and mood of the film, the listed cast, trailers, reviews and reviews, you can choose to watch the movie that suits you! Forget about those terrible movie nights when you were tormented in search of a movie - with our magic list of the most romantic movies, each of your viewing will be a beautiful journey into the world of the best love stories of mankind. So, what are we waiting for? Let's choose!
My top romantic movies.
However, let's not speculate about love, reveal its meaning, or answer questions, but let it remain the Director's task. I suggest you enjoy the most touching love stories of world cinema. To do this, let me present my selection of the best romantic love movies that are worth watching not only for every woman and girl, but for young guys and Mature men. It is possible that by watching lyrical films You will be able to find and keep love in the real world. It's simple, when watching a romantic movie about love, we get a virtual experience that we unconsciously transfer to our real relationships in life.

We are a little distracted from the point, let's go back to the rating of films. I do not claim that the films I have collected about love are the best in the world, and even more so I do not pretend to anything, but only say that at the moment, for me personally, the proposed films about love are the best and I suggest that You make sure of this.
The best romantic movies are melodramas?
Did you know that the best romantic movies about love are not comedies at all, but melodramas? If we turn to genre statistics, we will see that the first place among romantic films is occupied by melodramas, then comedies, and drama closes. Although in practice, in a good romantic film about love, several genres are intertwined, usually melodrama and Comedy or melodrama and drama.

If you analyze popular romantic movies more deeply and pay attention to posters for movies about love, you can almost always see the same picture. Can you guess which one? That's right, only he and she are on the poster, and as an exception, it happens when only one of the characters is depicted, or together with a third extra (the Best romantic films with a classic love triangle). I was interested, and I counted how many posters of the best romantic films about love that I presented show only two lovers.

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