Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong - You've Been a Good Ole Wagon [1925]

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Cold in Hand Blues; You've Been a Good Ole Wagon; Cake Walking Babies (From Home); Young Woman's Blues; Lost Your Head Blues; Baby Doll; Empty Bed Blues - Part II
by Fred Longshaw; Henderson's Hot Six; Balcom; Buster Bailey; J. C. Johnson; Charlie Dixon; Williams; Bessie Smith; Gee; Smith; Troy; Bessie Smith and her Blue Boys; Porter Grainger; Joe Smith; Fletcher Henderson; Charlie Green; Longshaw; Louis Armstrong

Publication date 1925-05-05
Language English

Performer: Bessie Smith; Louis Armstrong; Fred Longshaw; Henderson's Hot Six; Joe Smith; Charlie Green; Buster Bailey; Fletcher Henderson; Charlie Dixon; Bessie Smith and her Blue Boys; Porter Grainger
Writer: Gee; Longshaw; Smith; Balcom; Troy; Williams; J. C. Johnson

00:00 - 01 - Cold in Hand Blues - Bessie Smith - Louis Armstrong
03:14 - 02 - You've Been a Good Ole Wagon - Bessie Smith
06:43 - 03 - Cake Walking Babies (From Home) - Bessie Smith
09:51 - 04 - Young Woman's Blues - Bessie Smith and her Blue Boys
12:59 - 05 - Lost Your Head Blues - Bessie Smith - Joe Smith
15:53 - 06 - Baby Doll - Bessie Smith - Joe Smith - Fletcher Henderson
18:53 - 07 - Empty Bed Blues - Part II - Bessie Smith

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