Ajay Devgan Blockbuster Action Movie | New Released Romantic Action Movie #actionmovies #movie

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Ajay Devgan Blockbuster Action Movie | New Released Romantic Action Movie #actionmovies #movie

Anjali Menon (Ann Augustine), a reporter working with Mathrubhumi, receives a letter from a man identifying himself as 'Arjunan', saying he was the sole witness to the murder of former District Collector Firose Mooppan (Mukesh). The news spreads and the unidentified individual known only by the pseudonym Arjunan becomes a media sensation. After receiving anonymous calls threatening her and her family's safety, Anjali schedules a meeting with Arjunan, with the assistance of Circle Inspector Sebastian (Vijayaraghavan). While waiting for Arjunan, a young man, Roy Mathew (Prithviraj Sukumaran), sits with Anjali due to a scarcity of free tables, has a coffee and leaves, and the police and media assume Roy to be Arjunan.

Roy, an architect who has moved to Cochin for a new job offer is attacked at his residence, and the following day, is briefed by Sebastian, who believes Roy is Arjunan. Roy also meets Firose Mooppan's father, Dr. Ibrahim Mooppan (Jagathy Sreekumar), who criticizes Roy for not admitting he is Arjunan and opening up about what he knows about the murder. Roy, with Anjali's help, attempts to prove his innocence, and they schedule a meeting with Dr. Mooppan. However, they are attacked en route, managing to escape, and arrive at Dr. Mooppan's house to find him killed. Despite being asked to leave Cochin for his own safety, Roy opts to stay and fight.

Realizing that Anjali's phone is being tapped, Roy stages a drama that allows him to follow the trackers, leading him to Aby Abraham (Biju Menon), the Managing Director of City Mall. With the help of Thankappan (Suraj Venjaramoodu) a peon at the Collector's Office, Roy and Anjali attain the blueprints of the abandoned Kochi Metro Rail project, which was shut down following Firose Mooppan's death. Roy realizes that Aby Abraham, along with his friends Salim Memmen (Suresh Krishna), Rajan Thomas (Anand) and Unni Natarajan (Niyas), would have to give up their properties lying on government land, if the project had gone through, and suspects that they had colluded to murder Mooppan. Roy meets Aby, identifying himself as Arjunan, and tells the latter, along with his four friends, to hand over the properties they murdered Mooppan for to the government, and in return he would hand over to them all evidences he has as the witness of the murder. However, Roy is kidnapped during the meeting, but the kidnappers are ambushed by Sebastian and his team. Realizing Aby and his partners' double-cross, Roy calls for a press meet, and publicly admits that he is the eponymous Arjunan, saying he has all important evidences against the perpetrators, and that he wishes to submit them to the law. A jury of judges is assigned for Roy to submit his evidences to.

A day before Roy is to appear in front of the panel, the four partners agree for a direct meeting with Roy, and he gets them into the caravan in which they murdered Mooppan, and has all of them sign over their respective properties to the government in exchange for his silence. However, he double crosses them, revealing that he has taped their confession in the caravan and will submit it along with the documents. The four attempt to kill Roy, but the latter, along with his friend Jomy (Vijeesh), over power the four and lock them in the caravan. Roy appears in front of the panel, submitting the documents and the recording, admitting that he is not the real Arjunan, but a common civilian who was pulled into the controversy by the media. The four businessmen are taken into custody. Later, while in his office, Ann hands Roy a letter from Arjunan, who thanks him.

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