Playing Fur Elise with Passion

Playing Fur Elise with Passion

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A note from DJ... (click *more info* to read)I think Fur Elise was meant to be played something like this. I'm no expert at piano, but from the 3 weeks of piano lessons that I have taken in my life, I was taught to play songs, including this one specifically, in a way that wasn't uniform or constant.When you play piano music, interpret it as your own. Make it flow. Whats the difference you hear between this version and some others you may have heard? Is it hard to pick out?The difference is how I vary the speed, and the velocity of the notes. In other words how fast or slow I play throughout the song, and how loud or soft I play .. which both change as I play. If you do this with songs, it makes it sound much more interesting. It's also a great way to catch up in difficult spots. Just slow down, and keep going. Hope that helps :) Thanks for everyone's unbelievable comments. I really appreciate it!- DJFor a few laughs check out another account I made with a good friend, Chris - The Comedic Dude

playing  fur  elise  with  passion 

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Playing Tetris.. Literally

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A note from DJ ... (click *more info* to read) ***For FREE video lessons, subscribe to my videos. If you have any song or lesson requests, post them!***Just messin around .. the credit goes to user cutiemish .. i learned it by watching her video lol*Many people have commented about music...

Watch this and you will smile

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(click *more info* to read) I'm smiling .. are you?Please rate, comment and pass it on if it meant something to you :) Thanks for watching.Original piano music improvised and performed by DJ.Click below to subscribe to my...

Seek Ye First - DJ on Keyboard

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This is Seek Ye First. I apologize for the distortion and low quality .. recorded on my webcam in March of 2006 :)

Keyboard Tutorial Test Clip - Low Res

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Testing (no audio)

Beethoven Für Elise Piano Tutorial Part 1

  • Length: 5:46
  • Author: Jane

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Request from France. Part 1 of 2. Very Slow. Ended on a chord for those not continuing to Part 2. Für Elise Piano Tutorial, Part 1Quiet Intro is Ivo PogorelićCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the...

Für Elise in Different Tastes - Maan Hamadeh

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Played in Prague Airport Für Elise followed by the titanic music.FB Page: Version: iTunes:

Beethoven - Für Elise - Classical Music for Reading (90 Minutes)

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The most relaxing and romantic way to enjoy Für Elise by Beethoven in more than hour and a half video. The gentle crackling sound of the fireplace adds a romantic touch and a whole symphony orchestra is following the piano for a more soothing atmosphere.Listen to the 5-th Symphony by Beethoven...

How to play Fur Elise (Part two)

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How to play the second part of Fur Elise

Beethoven - Für Elise [Easy Piano Tutorial]

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Learn how to play on the piano Beethoven - Für Elise (For Elise). Easy piano lesson tutorial for beginners.The real version tutorial: to play Für Elise on the recorder flute: music lessons and...

How to Play Für Elise - the tutorial is easy, and fun

  • Length: 29:5
  • Author: Lypur

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Learn how to play fur elise by beethoven in this tutorial made by Andrew Furmanczyk. (AKA Lypur)I try to make this as easy, fun and detailed as possible. I went as fast as I felt i could go without skipping to much detail. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-If you'd like to skip ahead to the part where...

The Next Mozart? 6-Year Old Piano Prodigy Wows All

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6-year old Emily Bear has wowed audiences from the White House to her own house. Playing the piano since age 3, Emily also composes her own music. Has WGN-TV discovered the next Mozart?

Beethoven "Fur Elise" (60 Minute Version)

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Recently on Beethoven "Für Elise" YouTube video, the most liked comment went as follow:"Why doesn't YouTube have a INFINITELY REPLAY buttom?? I wanna listen to this song over an over without having to press click every time." - Joarharu

(Ludwig Van Beethoven) Für Elise - Igor Presnyakov - fingerstyle guitar

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Igor is returning to Amsterdam for a concert on September 25th!For more info and tickets - to learn guitar the easy way? Start now for free - - Get your music into iTunes and Spotify with Distrokid:...

Beethoven Fur Elise - Full Piano Version

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The complete Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven. Thanks for watching. Now available on Amazon and iTunes:Amazon (US) - (US) -

Für Elise(Elise) By Ludwig Van Beethoven

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{SUBSCRIBE!!}Hi my name is Vi and i was 11 when i made this video (but check out my channel if you wanna know my current age) and this is my first Video!!!!here is a little history lesson on Beethoven:He was born in the German town of Bonn on the 16th of December 1770. His grandfather Ludwig and...

Fur Elise (with a twist)

Tags: Fur  Elise  (with  a  twist) 

Follow me on Twitter: do enjoy taking my own little spin on a number of classical songs. Fur Elise is a great one to try this on. Hope you like it.UPDATE: I have finally released my first album. If you're interested, check out my profile for the link.

Beethoven - Für Elise (60 Minutes Version)

Tags: Beethoven  -  Für  Elise  (60  Minutes  Version) 

Für Elise by Beethoven in a 60 minutes rendition from a very rare LP recording featuring piano and orchestra and performed for more than 15 times. This version of Für Elise is the only one known to be accompanied by a symphony orchestra for a more soothing and deep sound of this true master...

Für Elise (Piano version)

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Beethoven Himself ➠ Listen to the Turkish March by Mozart here: beautiful 2-nd movement of the Moonlight Sonata: also to Eine kleine Nachtmusik here:

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (FULL)

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Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (FULL) - Piano Sonata No. 14Fan page: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor "Quasi una fantasia", op. 27, No. 2, by Ludwig van BeethovenThe sonata has three movements:1 mvt: Adagio sostenuto. 2 mvt: Allegretto (click to go at 6:00...

pianist (5 year old Japanese girl):Bach minuet

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I have been learning Piano since I was 3 years old.My dream is to become a world-wide pianist.If you watch and listen to my music, I will be very happy![blog]

Beethoven "Für Elise" Valentina Lisitsa Seoul Philharmonic

Tags: Beethoven  "Für  Elise"  Valentina  Lisitsa    Seoul  Philharmonic 

Live in Seoul. Encore #4 Please come to London on June 19th of 2012 if you want to hear this piece live ! I am making my debut at Royal Albert Hall :-)Валентина ЛисицаValentina Lisitsa Live at the Royal Albert HallUS iTunes - US Amazon -

beethoven fur elise

Tags: beethoven  fur  elise 

me playing fur elise please leave a comment

Fur Elise by Beethoven by 9 yr old "Full Version" piano

Tags: Fur  Elise  by  Beethoven  by  9  yr  old  "Full  Version"  piano 

9 year old plays Fur Elise full version quite well

Beethoven - Für Elise [Advanced Piano Tutorial]

Tags: Beethoven  -  Für  Elise  [Advanced  Piano  Tutorial] 

Learn how to play on the piano Beethoven - Für Elise (For Elise) - Bagatelle No 25 in A minor.An easier version tutorial: music lessons and tutorials: to receive new videos in your...

5 Year Old Blind Pianist Performs in Singapore

  • Length: 2:1
  • Author: NTDTV

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She is only five years old and blind, but Yoo Ye-Eun's little hands find the right notes onthe black and white keys of her piano, despite the fact that she's never actually seen the instrument. Here's the more.For more news and videos visit ☛ http://ntd.tvFollow us on Twitter ☛...