Playing Fur Elise with Passion

Playing Fur Elise with Passion

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A note from DJ... (click *more info* to read)I think Fur Elise was meant to be played something like this. I'm no expert at piano, but from the 3 weeks of piano lessons that I have taken in my life, I was taught to play songs, including this one specifically, in a way that wasn't uniform or constant.When you play piano music, interpret it as your own. Make it flow. Whats the difference you hear between this version and some others you may have heard? Is it hard to pick out?The difference is how I vary the speed, and the velocity of the notes. In other words how fast or slow I play throughout the song, and how loud or soft I play .. which both change as I play. If you do this with songs, it makes it sound much more interesting. It's also a great way to catch up in difficult spots. Just slow down, and keep going. Hope that helps :) Thanks for everyone's unbelievable comments. I really appreciate it!- DJFor a few laughs check out another account I made with a good friend, Chris - The Comedic Dude

playing  fur  elise  with  passion 

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It's really quite easy to improvise .. anybody that wants video lessons let me know, and subscribe for upcoming videos :)- DJ

Can your PC do this?

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A note from DJ ... (click *more info* to read) That's right .. 96 windows open at once. A small task for a mac.Check out my other vids .. and please comment! :) *UPDATE: This video, posted nearly 3 years ago, has sparked a ton of debate, and I think it's hilarious!Keep in mind while you're...

Cat disturbs Sleeping Dog!

Tags: Cat  disturbs  Sleeping  Dog! 

Peacefully sleeping dog is awoken by a cat! Check out what happens... Available in High Definition More of Luda and Felix to come!

AppleScript & Final Cut Pro - 17 seconds from Prep to Digitize

Tags: AppleScript  &  Final  Cut  Pro  -  17  seconds  from  Prep  to  Digitize 

What you are seeing here is a short example of AppleScript with Final Cut Pro. The video is real-time, and is NOT sped up. Look closely and you can see the time in the top right corner.What once took roughly 250 individual keystrokes to create, now takes the computer about 14 seconds to do on...

How to Play Moonlight Sonata (Part 1)

Tags: How  to  Play  Moonlight  Sonata  (Part  1) 

I tried my best hopefully you can learn it

Fur Elise performed by Cheryl (5 years old)

Tags: Fur  Elise  performed  by  Cheryl  (5  years  old) 

Date: 5/17/2009Venue: Home

Beginners Step by Step Tutorial of Fur Elise On Yamaha EZ-200 Keyboard [Right Hand Part Only]

Tags: Beginners  Step  by  Step  Tutorial  of  Fur  Elise  On  Yamaha  EZ-200  Keyboard  [Right  Hand  Part  Only] 

This is my first YouTube video so I hope everyone enjoys it! ^__^ I'm a beginner too so please excuse any mistakes. It's really hard to play, record and narrate at the same time hehe. xD Hopefully I played slow enough for everyone to grasp the concept of the main tune of the song. This is the...

Für Elise - Beethoven on Guitar ( Now on iTunes )

  • Length: 4:2
  • Author: Lai

Tags: Für  Elise  -  Beethoven  on  Guitar  (  Now  on  iTunes  ) : track : you all for your support.****** THE SHIRT ******I know most of dislike came from my shirt, but please know this...

Für Elise on glass harp

Tags: Für  Elise  on  glass  harp 

Für Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven played on glass harp by Robert TisoグラスハープNew Album "CRYSTAL SOUND" is now available.For info visit score was not published until 1867, 40 years after the composer's death. The discoverer of the piece, Ludwig...

fur elise piano tutorial (super easy)

Tags: fur  elise  piano  tutorial  (super  easy) 

mostly done by ear i dont read sheet music so its probably the wrong notes but still sounds pretty good.... leave comments

5 Year Old Blind Pianist Performs in Singapore

  • Length: 2:1
  • Author: NTDTV

Tags: 5  Year  Old  Blind  Pianist  Performs  in  Singapore 

She is only five years old and blind, but Yoo Ye-Eun's little hands find the right notes onthe black and white keys of her piano, despite the fact that she's never actually seen the instrument. Here's the more.For more news and videos visit ☛ http://ntd.tvFollow us on Twitter ☛...

Fur Elise Piano - A Free Piano Lesson (Piano Tutorial) Beethoven

Tags: Fur  Elise  Piano  -  A  Free  Piano  Lesson  (Piano  Tutorial)  Beethoven 

To read and watch the full piano lesson go to: free piano lessons and piano tutorials are available at http://www.piano-play-it.comThis free piano lesson was made by David Yzhaki

Beethoven - Fur Elise (piano Alex)

Tags: Beethoven  -  Fur  Elise  (piano  Alex) 

Hope you enjoy it.

How to Play Fur Elise on Piano

Tags: How  to  Play  Fur  Elise  on  Piano 

Ozie Cargile teaches you how to play Fur Elise. Watch the full tutorial at



Emina Huskic (10) plays FÜR ELISE - Bagatelle No. 25 in A Minor WoO.59 by Ludwig van Beethoven, July 2009 at Primary Music & Ballet School "New Sarajevo", Bosnia & Herzegovina

Fur Elise (Funky)

  • Length: 2:20
  • Author: Ben

Tags: Fur  Elise  (Funky) 

I was 9 when I played this"When I open my eyes I must sigh, for what I see is contrary to my religion, and I must despise the world which does not know that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."-- Ludwig van Beethoven, quoted by Bettina von Arnin, letter to Goethe,...

How to Play Fur Elise

  • Length: 0:56
  • Author: Ffan6

Tags: How  to  Play  Fur  Elise - Check out my Super Mario 64 Let's Play!Tutorial for Fur Elise by Beethoven(Requested by kids in my class)

Piano tutorial - Fur elise [Light up keys]

Tags: Piano  tutorial  -  Fur  elise  [Light  up  keys] 

Well I was bored and I wanted at least one video for my account so I thought I'd put up a piano tutorial for Fur elise by Beethoven and this tutorial has light up keys so its much easyer to follow the notes and such. also the tempo is much slower than normal so you can follow the keys.well good...

How To Play "Für Elise" by Beethoven, Slow and Easy Tutorial for Beginners Part 1~Piano123TV

Tags: How  To  Play  "Für  Elise"  by  Beethoven,  Slow  and  Easy  Tutorial  for  Beginners  Part  1~Piano123TV To Play the most famous classical piano song "Für Elise" by Beethoven, The Slowest and the Easiest Tutorial for Beginners Part 1 by Waka ShinkoNo previous piano learning required. Just...

Fur Elise

Tags: Fur  Elise 

Fur Elise - a jazzy version from the European Jazz Trio DVD "Afternoon in Amsterdam". This DVD is produced by Hiro Yamashita (M and I) and John Twigt ( Please also visit European Jazz Trio is: Marc van Roon - piano, Frans van der Hoeven - bass, Roy...

pianist (5 year old Japanese girl):Bach minuet

Tags: pianist  (5  year  old  Japanese  girl):Bach  minuet 

I have been learning Piano since I was 3 years old.My dream is to become a world-wide pianist.If you watch and listen to my music, I will be very happy![blog]

Ludwig Beethoven - Für Elise (slow)

Tags: Ludwig  Beethoven  -  Für  Elise  (slow) 

A famous classical piano piece by Ludwig Beethoven, "Für Elise" This is a quick fingering guide or tutorial for all the people out there who wants to know the fingerings. I know this isn't perfect but I've tried. Plus, my camera doesn't pick up dynamics very well. But i hope you still will...

Fur Elise slightly different number 2 (funk version!)

Tags: Fur  Elise  slightly  different  number  2  (funk  version!) 

Fur Elise with some phunk!!

Fur Elise Guitar Tabs Lesson

Tags: Fur  Elise  Guitar  Tabs  Lesson I have this layed out very neatly on my website. This is the advanced guitar tab for Fur Elise by Beethoven, this guitar tablature requires finger picking. I found some sheet music and a couple midi files online and wrote the tab myself. I had to change octaves...

Für Elise - Piano

Tags: Für  Elise  -  Piano 

More Music @ is such a classic piano piece that almost every piano player plays. Name of the music: Für EliseName of composure: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)I hope you like it.