Isis - My egyptian mau

Isis - My egyptian mau

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This is a video of Isis, my Egyptian Mau cat. It's various footage of playing with her, taking her on walks, and even doing a few tricks that I've taught her. Enjoy.

isis  -  my  egyptian  mau 

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Egyptian Mau Kitten (silver) - 13 Weeks Old Playing

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  Kitten  (silver)  -  13  Weeks  Old  Playing 

Dollar the Egyptian Mau kitten plays with his sister Tootsie pop. Dollar is a 13 week old silver Egyptian Mau cat from Egypt. Tootsie pop is a 10 month old diluted tortoise shell cat.

Egyptian Mau "Qetesh"

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  "Qetesh" 

My Egyptian Mau cat called Qetesh between five and seven months old

Safi - Egyptian mau (playing)

Tags: Safi  -  Egyptian  mau  (playing) 


Playing Egyptian Mau Kittens

Tags: Playing  Egyptian  Mau  Kittens 

FIN* Iltavilli's Egyptian Mau B-litter. Six weeks old kittens. Born on the 9th June 2007.Mating Pedigree Of: (sire) Champion Mauisha Imhotep x(dam) Champion Kiyaa du Chamania

Egyptian Mau Kitten

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  Kitten 

She is about 5 months old here, I caught here giving me some mini meows before I left for the day!

Egyptian Mau Kittens - Growing Up

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  Kittens  -  Growing  Up 

Egyptian Mau babies born on 7th February 2008.Pedigree: information: reply only to e-mails.

Funny Egyptian Mau Meow

Tags: Funny  Egyptian  Mau  Meow 

Coolest Serval Video!

Tags: Coolest  Serval  Video! 

New YouTube Channel with Savannah Cat/Kitten "Hera" is really a cool video to show my relationship with zeus and how cute and funny he is. and his instincts of being a serval. he is adorable.ATTENTION:Servals DO NOT MAKE GOOD PETS. They Require much...

Egyptian Mau - Egyptische mau cat & friends

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  -  Egyptische  mau  cat  &  friends 

Cats have fascinated man for thousand of years. Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as gods and are thought to be the first to tame cats to live with humans. Roman artists often showed Libertas, the goddess of liberty, with a cat lying at her feet. In the 6-part series CATS & DOGS , we look at...

Maine Coon Kittens First Meet

Tags: Maine  Coon  Kittens  First  Meet 

Our 2 Maine Coons when they were Kittens.

ocicat Smilla

Tags: ocicat  Smilla 

Our ocicat Smilla really likes the sun.

Egyptian Mau kittens - 6 weeks old

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  kittens  -  6  weeks  old 

www.maunarch.comEgyptian mau kittens just woke up - 6 weeks old.

Egyptian Mau Kittens Dinner time

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  Kittens  Dinner  time 

Cairo - Egyptian Mau Cat - Playing tricks for treats

Tags: Cairo  -  Egyptian  Mau  Cat  -  Playing  tricks  for  treats 

Cairo, my 1 year 3 months old Egyptian Mau, willing to do some simple tricks for treats. He also knows how to open kitchen cabinets, smart boy.

Memphis Egyptian Mau Running Around

Tags: Memphis  Egyptian  Mau  Running  Around 

Playing all day and that super-quick special way...

Most Hilarious Videos Of Cats 2014 - Best Funny Kitten Compilation

Tags: Most  Hilarious  Videos  Of  Cats  2014  -  Best  Funny  Kitten  Compilation 

GOOGLE+ COMMUNITY Adventure of Cats and Dogs Cat | Funny Cats Video | Cutte Kitty | Funny Video | Kittens | Happy Cat | Amusing Kittens | Playing Kittens | New Kitty | Funniest Video of Kittens | Dog | Dogs | Cute | Pet | Pets |...

Griffin the Egyptian Mau on his walk

Tags: Griffin  the  Egyptian  Mau  on  his  walk 

Griffin the egyptian mau went out for a walk tonite, and i taped a bit of it for your viewing pleasure.

Singing Cat (Egyptian Mau)

Tags: Singing  Cat  (Egyptian  Mau) 

He's off to a slow start but once he gets going he sings quite a bit!

F1 Savannah talking back

Tags: F1  Savannah  talking  back 

Compilation of Kronos talking with me.. also shows how affectionate he is. He is 50% African Serval, but 100% heart.Kronos on NightLine of all the breeders in the world

Tiger cat (bengal)

Tags: Tiger  cat  (bengal) 

my awesome looking bengal cat is napping after getting nutored

Egyptian Meow

Tags: Egyptian  Meow 

Meow, Meow, Meow, Mom- Stop taking my video. --Don't you hear me? This is Osiris Ra- My 8 Month Old Egyptian Mau But, What is he looking at?

Agathe- bronze egyptian mau in cat show

Tags: Agathe-  bronze  egyptian  mau  in  cat  show 

Agathe judged in the ring-------Also see our maus at

Mom Cat talking to her Kittens. 20 min BONUS video

Tags: Mom  Cat  talking  to  her  Kittens.  20  min  BONUS  video 

Subscribe: Cat talking to her Kittens. These kittens were born July 22, 2012. Soon Rocky, Rosy, Ruby, Raul and Rio will be celebrating their first birthday. This video is a chronicle of their first month of life. Mom cat Coco talks, feeds, cares and loves...