Isis - My egyptian mau

Isis - My egyptian mau

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This is a video of Isis, my Egyptian Mau cat. It's various footage of playing with her, taking her on walks, and even doing a few tricks that I've taught her. Enjoy.

isis  -  my  egyptian  mau 

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Egyptian Mau vocalizations - the 'mreh'

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Our kitten makes tons of noises - mews, chirps, grunts, clicks, and this noise, a 'mreh'. Egyptian Maus are known for being 'vocal' and she pretty much expresses every single thought she has with some sort of noise. To learn more about Wintermuse, visit

Egyptian Mau kitten napping, mewing, purring

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Wintermuse is sleepy. Yes, Egyptian Maus talk all the time. Here, she sleepily mews, cuddles my hand, and gets quality petting. Visit for more pictures and videos of her.

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Cat wheel Egyptian Mau running

Tags: Cat  wheel  Egyptian  Mau  running 

Cattery Asenka 2013. kittens deel 15Het laatste filmpje over de katten / kittens uit 2013.Het kitten in het looprad is Asenka's Garanco.

Egyptian Mau kittens - 6 weeks old

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  kittens  -  6  weeks  old 

www.maunarch.comEgyptian mau kittens just woke up - 6 weeks old.

Egyptian Mau "Qetesh"

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  "Qetesh" 

My Egyptian Mau cat called Qetesh between five and seven months old

Egyptian Mau Kitten (silver) - 13 Weeks Old Playing

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Dollar the Egyptian Mau kitten plays with his sister Tootsie pop. Dollar is a 13 week old silver Egyptian Mau cat from Egypt. Tootsie pop is a 10 month old diluted tortoise shell cat.


  • Length: 1:33
  • Author: ODE


Join us on Facebook at! and Follow us on twitter at If you want a cat and money's no option then how about getting one of these new designer kitties, called an Ashera.Follow us on Twitter at now!...

Egyptian Mau Kittens - Growing Up

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  Kittens  -  Growing  Up 

Egyptian Mau babies born on 7th February 2008.Pedigree: information: reply only to e-mails.

Safi - Egyptian mau (playing)

Tags: Safi  -  Egyptian  mau  (playing) 


Singing Cat (Egyptian Mau)

Tags: Singing  Cat  (Egyptian  Mau) 

He's off to a slow start but once he gets going he sings quite a bit!

Cairo - Egyptian Mau Cat - Playing tricks for treats

Tags: Cairo  -  Egyptian  Mau  Cat  -  Playing  tricks  for  treats 

Cairo, my 1 year 3 months old Egyptian Mau, willing to do some simple tricks for treats. He also knows how to open kitchen cabinets, smart boy.

Egyptian Mau kitten mewing/talking back - Funny

Tags: Egyptian  Mau  kitten  mewing/talking  back  -  Funny 

My silver Egyptian Mau kitten was in dire need of attention. I gave her my sweater but she mewed her displeasure if I turned away! She is a little squeaker. This is just one example of Mau vocalization; they talk frequently and with many, many different sounds. Visit for more on...

Grumpy Cat & Friends - Cat Summer

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Cats 101 Animal Planet - Egyptian Mau ** High Quality **

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Cats 101 Egyptian Mau, High Quality from Animal planet(can also be found at

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Incredible one year old Egyptian mau (cat) sucking its paw

Tags: Incredible  one  year  old  Egyptian  mau  (cat)  sucking  its  paw 

Incredible one year old egyptian mau (cat) sucking its paw.