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Lin dan VS taufik hidayat trick shot

Tags: Lin  dan  VS  taufik  hidayat  trick  shot 

lin dan vs taufik hidayat in semifinal of asian games 2010

Lin Dan vs Taufik - Great rally, great angle

Tags: Lin  Dan  vs  Taufik  -  Great  rally,  great  angle 

Lin Dan vs Taufik at 2007 French open

Lin dan Top Spin shuttle

Tags: Lin  dan  Top  Spin  shuttle 

The Top Spin shuttle from lin dan againts joachim persson in all england QF 2009

Lin Dan Amazing Trick Shot Full Version 林丹花式回球综合版!

Tags: Lin  Dan  Amazing  Trick  Shot  Full  Version  林丹花式回球综合版! 

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Taufik 360 Crosscourt Backhand Smash

Tags: Taufik  360  Crosscourt  Backhand  Smash 

India Open '09 - Taufik vs Tommy Sugiarto Credits : Destricto_Ense & Oldhand from Badmintoncentral

Peter Gade trick shot Part C Chen Long

Tags: Peter  Gade  trick  shot  Part  C  Chen  Long 

ピーターゲード フェイント Part C チェン・ロン CHEN Long谌龙 O JORGENSEN Chong Wei 李宗伟...

Taufik Hidayat - Natural Badminton

Tags: Taufik  Hidayat  -  Natural  Badminton 

This is my tribute about Taufik Hidayat ! A men singles player from Indonesia ! I know about his story and I also know that some comments don´t fit to the video, so don´t tell me that I am an idiot who doesn´t know who Taufik is or what he has achieved ;) I made my decisions and took the...

Taufik backhand clear

Tags: Taufik  backhand  clear 

Taufik showed his strong backhand during the match against Peter Gade in 04 Olympics quarter final.

[HD] Final - Chen Long vs Wan Ho Son - YONEX Denmark Open 2014

Tags: [HD]  Final  -  Chen  Long  vs  Wan  Ho  Son  -  YONEX  Denmark  Open  2014 

YONEX Denmark Open 2014 - Badminton World FederationPlaylist : - Badminton DenmarkVenue: Odense Sports ParkAddress: Odense, Denmark Route atGoogle MapsTournament contactName: Badminton DenmarkEmail: event@badminton.dkEventsMS, WS, MD, WD, XDOnline entryEntry open:...

Peter Gade Amazing trick shot

Tags: Peter  Gade  Amazing  trick  shot 

洪棠 z20100403z

Tags: 洪棠  z20100403z 

http://itis543.pixnet.netName:洪棠(Emily) Facebook

Lin Dan deceives Lee Chongwei

Tags: Lin  Dan  deceives  Lee  Chongwei 

Lin Dan deceives Lee Chongwei in 2010 Japan Open MS Final.

Thomas cup 2010 Final Lin Dan vs Taufik Hidayat 1/6

Tags: Thomas  cup  2010  Final  Lin  Dan  vs  Taufik  Hidayat  1/6 

Thomas cup 2010 Final Lin Dan vs Taufik Hidayat 1/6Enjoy this great game, in particular Lin Dan's beautiful foot work, how good these two players are at controlling each other, their tactics, and their skills.

Lin Dan's Trick Move

Tags: Lin  Dan's  Trick  Move 

Lin Dan's Trick Move

Mia Audina Crazy Shot

Tags: Mia  Audina  Crazy  Shot 

1996 Uber Cup Final China vs Indonesia, 2nd WS Mia Audina vs Wang Chen. Wang Chen was too nervous to deal with Mia's various supernatural shots and lost tamely. But look at how she moves around the court. Beautiful footwork.

Lee Chong Wei Unbelievable Defence

Tags: Lee  Chong  Wei  Unbelievable  Defence 

2009 Swiss Open MX Final Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan

Lin Dan -Trick shot

Tags: Lin  Dan    -Trick  shot 

All England Open Badminton Championships (computer altternation)

Lin Dan vs Sony Dwi Kuncoro - Thailand Open 2012 (almost all points)

Tags: Lin  Dan  vs  Sony  Dwi  Kuncoro  -  Thailand  Open  2012  (almost  all  points) 

Lin Dan loses to Sony Dwi Kuncoro in his last match before Olympics 2012. Just the points.

Badminton - Fastest sport in the WORLD!

Tags: Badminton  -  Fastest  sport  in  the  WORLD! 

Unbelievable rally at the world championships 2010 in mens doubles. Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan - FANG Chieh Min/LEE Sheng Mu

Lin Dan and Xia Xuan Ze in practice

Tags: Lin  Dan  and  Xia  Xuan  Ze  in  practice 

two strong men combatsounds gay but watch the prosHere is a full match, hail O'mighty Super Lin Dan!

Taufik goes behind the back twice

Tags: Taufik  goes  behind  the  back  twice 

Taufik Hidayat goed behind the back twice in one rally during the SF Indonesia Open 2003 against Wu Yunyong of China. Is he a showman or what!

Taufik Hidayat vs Lin Dan -- Smash Fest

Tags: Taufik  Hidayat  vs  Lin  Dan  --  Smash  Fest 

Taufik Hidayat vs Lin Dan 2004 Indonesia Open Semifinal. Good smashes and smash-returns from both players.

1980 Friend Provident's Masters Badminton Final :Liem Swie King 林水镜 vs Rudy Hartono梁海量

Tags: 1980  Friend  Provident's  Masters  Badminton  Final  :Liem  Swie  King  林水镜  vs  Rudy  Hartono梁海量 

Here's a short clip of Hartono and Liem Swie King battling it out in the FPM. Turn up the sound and listen to the sharp whacks, just imagine how hard they hit the birdie.This clip was preserved by the National Archives of Indonesia and is part of a forthcoming film of Rudy in 2011.

An incredible shot by Lin Dan

Tags: An  incredible  shot  by  Lin  Dan