TSF Raja Kaleem meets his fans in Kacheri on June 9th 2012 Saturday

TSF Raja Kaleem meets his fans in Kacheri on June 9th 2012 Saturday

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TSF Raja Kaleem Tiger...http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

tsf  raja  kaleem  meets  his  fans  in  kacheri  on  june  9th  2012  saturday 

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TSF Chairman Raja Kaleem Fans in kacheri Must Watch

Tags: TSF  Chairman  Raja  Kaleem  Fans  in  kacheri  Must  Watch 

TSF Chairman Raja Kaleem in the dist court of rwp. his fans waited for hours in hot weather just to see a glimpse of Tiger.http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

Raja Kaleem Tiger appears in the distt court rwp. great scenes..

Tags: Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  appears  in  the  distt  court  rwp.  great  scenes.. 

TSF Chairman Raja Kaleem appearing in the dist court of rwp. hundreds of TSF supporters chanting in Raja Kaleem's favor and demanding his immediate release..http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

Raja Kaleem Tiger Arrives at Sir Syed Chowk Rwp

Tags: Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  Arrives  at  Sir  Syed  Chowk  Rwp 

Raja Kaleem Tiger (Chief Guest) attended the opening Ceremony of Khurram Net Cafe @ Sir Syed Chowk Rwp. while hundreds of his fans were around. Drinks & food distributed at opening.Join TSF on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

Raja Kaleem TSF amazing 1

Tags: Raja  Kaleem  TSF  amazing  1 

TSF Rawalpindi Raja Kaleem Amazing Scenes in Kacheri Rawalpindi on his hearing on 9th June 2012. Saturday..

Raja Kaleem Tiger meets his TSF fans in Kacheri 9th June 2012 Saturday Part II

Tags: Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  meets  his  TSF  fans  in  Kacheri  9th  June  2012  Saturday  Part  II 

Raja Kaleem Tiger Chairman TSF meeting his fans in Kacheri Rwp on Saturday 9/6/2012http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

Dera Farhad Abbasi (TSF)

Tags: Dera  Farhad  Abbasi  (TSF) 

TSF Tigers gathered at Dera Farhad Abbasi to support Raja Kaleem Tiger & Pir Zeeshan.http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403#

TSF protesting at front of session Judge Shumaila Sheikh against Police...

Tags: TSF  protesting  at  front  of  session  Judge  Shumaila  Sheikh  against  Police... 

TSF Tigers gathered in Kacheri to Defend Raja Kaleem Tiger & Pir Zeeshan...(TSF Leadership)..http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

Raja Kaleem's Grave

Tags: Raja  Kaleem's  Grave 

TSF gathered for dua @ Raja Kaleem's Grave

Raja Kaleem Tiger Fans in kacheri ...must Watch

Tags: Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  Fans  in  kacheri  ...must  Watch 

Raja Kaleem TSF Tigers Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi Tigers Group TSF Rally. amazing Video!!!

Tags: Rawalpindi  Tigers  Group  TSF  Rally.  amazing  Video!!! 

Thousands of TSF supporters chanting Raja Kaleem (Chairman) Zindabad.http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

Chairman TSF Raja Kaleem Tiger in District Court Rwp June 9th 2012.

Tags: Chairman  TSF  Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  in  District  Court  Rwp  June  9th  2012. 

Chairman TSF Raja Kaleem Tiger's hearing in the dist court of rwp on June 9th 2012 (Saturday). large number of TSF supporters welcome him.http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

The Tiger of Rawalpindi Raja Kaleem sizzling speech...must watch!!

Tags: The  Tiger  of  Rawalpindi  Raja  Kaleem  sizzling  speech...must  watch!! 

Raja Kaleem TSF Chairman Rawalpindi Tiger

Raja Kaleem Tiger @ opening in Saddar

Tags: Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  @  opening  in  Saddar 

Raja Kaleem Tiger as cheif guest attended an opening ceremony in Saddar Rwp on July 1st 2012. Yasir Satti, Shani Terror, Sheikh Wahab, Raja Naseer, Hashim Khan, Azam Khan and many others were there too.Join TSF on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403



RAJA KALEEM (Chairman TSF) is meeting his TSF Fans in Kacheri on June 13th 2012 Wednesday.http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

TSF as Dabang!!!

Tags: TSF  as  Dabang!!! 

TSF image archive with Dabang... great to watch..

TSF Leadership discussing issues on june 13th 2012.3GP

Tags: TSF  Leadership  discussing  issues  on  june  13th  2012.3GP 

TSF Top Leadership (Raja Kaleem, Yasir Satti, Raja Amjad, Raja Nasir are in conversation...june 13th 2012 wednesday...http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

TSF Raja Kaleem Tiger meets his fans in rwp Kacheri. great scenes....

Tags: TSF  Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  meets  his  fans  in  rwp  Kacheri.  great  scenes.... 

TSF Chairman Raja Kaleem Tiger meeting his fans in rwp Kacheri on June 9th 2012 Saturday.http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

Raja Kaleem Tiger moving aroud in Kacheri along with cops.

Tags: Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  moving  aroud  in  Kacheri  along  with  cops. 

Raja Kaleem Tiger going from Judge's office to Bakhshi Khan in Kacheri along with cops.

Shoot Out! @ Bilal's Wedding (Gulraiz).

Tags: Shoot  Out!  @  Bilal's  Wedding  (Gulraiz). 

With Sheikh Wahab , Pir Zeeshan (Shani Terror) , Raja Kaleem (Kaleem Tiger) , Gullu , Raja Nomy , Farhan , Meetu , Choudhry Ehsaan , Sheikh Waleed , Talha Hassan , Sheikh Umar , Bilal Pervaiz.

TSF Chairman Raja Kaleem Tiger arrives in the dist court rwp. must watch...

Tags: TSF  Chairman  Raja  Kaleem  Tiger  arrives  in  the  dist  court  rwp.  must  watch... 

Tiger Student Federation Supporters gathered in large number to welcome Raja kaleem Tiger on his 2nd court hearing. amazing video.http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403

taji khokhar (report)

Tags: taji  khokhar  (report) 

Lion Attack Friendly, Powerful, Dangerous

Tags: Lion  Attack      Friendly,  Powerful,  Dangerous 

The lion man enters a cage with big male lions. The Exotic Feline Rescue Center (EFRC) in western Indiana rescues abused cats and provides for them. The workers and volunteers do a tremendous service.This is a very dangerous activity. Joe has reared the lion from a baby and it knows him.Also...

TSF public Secretariat Raja Farhad Abbasi's Dera

Tags: TSF  public  Secretariat  Raja  Farhad  Abbasi's  Dera 

TSF fans gathered to form a protest in favor of Raja Kaleem. in the footage they are having lunch at Raja Farhad Abbasi's Dera.http://www.facebook.com/pages/TSF-Tigers-Official/252665438173403