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all questions should be answered

Bohyme Brazilian Wave Part 2

Tags: Bohyme  Brazilian  Wave  Part  2 

This is an updated review of my hair. I washed my hair with conditioner....I love this hair and plan install this hair again for the summer....Blends great with natural hair....Music By: www.danodongs.comCheck out my Blog:...

Protective Style using Bohyme Brazilian Wave (BOBRAZ)

Tags: Protective  Style  using  Bohyme  Brazilian  Wave  (BOBRAZ) 

This is a video showing my new protective style. It's a sew-in using Bohyme Platinum Brazilian Wave 14'-16' hair. I purchased this hair with my own money from my local beauty supply store. So far I really like the hair because it blends well with my natural hair texture. This hair can be worn...

Bohyme Brazilian Wave (Bobraz)

Tags: Bohyme  Brazilian  Wave  (Bobraz) 

Hey beautiful people!! I rocked the trendy and popular Bobraz hair earlier this summer and completely forgot to upload my opinion about this hair.Hair Deatails:* I purchased the hair from Fabulous Freddy's Beauty Supply ( *I purchased two packs, a 12 and a 14 inch in a 1B.* I...

BOBRAZ Blowout! BEST NATURAL WEAVE! Bohyme Brazilian

Tags: BOBRAZ  Blowout!  BEST  NATURAL  WEAVE!  Bohyme  Brazilian 

My 2nd BoBraz Install before I wash it and release the curlsPurchased at a BSS near meI have never ordered my hair online12in 1 1/2 pks used color is 1b

Bohyme Brazilian Wave Tutorial *Movable Part*

Tags: Bohyme  Brazilian  Wave  Tutorial  *Movable  Part* 

this is how i installed my bohyme brazilian wave hair and how i got my movable part :) enjoy

Brazilian Knots fusion

Tags: Brazilian  Knots  fusion 

Brazilian knots strand by strand method: Looks amazing! Free flowing, flaunt shoulder sweeping strands; Celebrity Look. A Versatile weave style with longevity when you opt for this trendy fusion technique.



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instagram: Lauren...

Best weave for Natural Hair

Tags: Best  weave  for  Natural  Hair 

Great Hair for women who are natural!!!

BoHeyme blending

Tags: BoHeyme  blending 

fill in later

Adventures of Bohyme Brazilian Curl 20 inches BoBraz

Tags: Adventures  of  Bohyme  Brazilian  Curl  20  inches  BoBraz 

I do not own any of this music.

Bohyme Brazilian Wave

Tags: Bohyme  Brazilian  Wave 

This is just a little general info about my protective style. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Enjoy!

BoBraz FINAL Review

Tags: BoBraz  FINAL  Review 

Hi Dolls!This is my final review on the BoBraz! Check out my blog for product suggestions and instructions on how best to take care of this hair!Beauty Fanantic Blog: http://TheBeautyFanatic511.blogspot.comFollow me on Twitter!! @SamIAm511

Bohyme Brazilian Wave!

Tags: Bohyme  Brazilian  Wave! 

This is my first time with this hair and my first video, so please be Nice :).......sorry it got cut off at the end.

Bohyme review One

Tags: Bohyme  review  One 

I did this video for anyone that has any thoughts on getting the bohyme. I tred to go into as much details as I could, this is my first vedio so don't judge lol. But if you need any thing else guys please comment your concerns Im here to Help. OH I WAS FEELING THIS HAIR SO DON'T MIND ME LOL

Finally! Bohyme Egyptian Wave Review

Tags: Finally!  Bohyme  Egyptian  Wave  Review 

Sorry for the delay. ANY questions/comments? Ask below.Thanks!

Cornrows 3-Layer Design Tutorial Individuals on bottom Layer

Tags: Cornrows    3-Layer  Design  Tutorial  Individuals  on  bottom  Layer 

Cornrows is one if not the most versatile a style to date and is timeless when it come to hairstyling. In this video I show you the basic 3 layer formation. You get a lovely style while still allowing your scalp to breathe. Products used essential oil to moisturize the scalp and hair while in...

My Tragic BoBraz Story

Tags: My  Tragic  BoBraz  Story 

-_____________-Tumblr: laurenvictoria_

I cut my Bohyme.

Tags: I  cut  my  Bohyme. 

This is my sew in with Bohyme Brazilian Wave 14 inch and cut into this style. This is a full sew in with only the side and back perimiter left out along with a invisible part that was sewn in . I did cut it a little more. It was way to long. lolUpdate video :...

One Of The Most Natural Looking Curly Hairstyles I've Had

Tags: One  Of  The  Most  Natural  Looking  Curly  Hairstyles  I've  Had 

Please check here for answers to your questions. Thank youinstagram: hair/wig making website: http://www.peak-mill.comAnswers to some FAQ's:* I'M NIGERIAN AND I LIVE IN THE US!* I AM NOT A GURU. I'M JUST A REGULAR HUMAN BEING LIKE YOU!* I DON'T HAVE FACEBOOK...

Dionna w/ Bohyme Hair - Brazilian Wave

Tags: Dionna  w/  Bohyme  Hair  -  Brazilian  Wave 

89.99 Per Pack 2 PacksNewest Wig Made

How to Style, Cut and Color - Bohyme Brazilian wave

Tags: How  to  Style,  Cut  and  Color  -  Bohyme  Brazilian  wave 


Bohyme Brazilian Wave Full Sew in Weave

Tags: Bohyme  Brazilian  Wave  Full  Sew  in  Weave 

My first youtube video talking about my Bohyme Brazilian weave

Blowout on BoBraz BOHYME Brazilian Curl

Tags: Blowout  on  BoBraz  BOHYME  Brazilian  Curl 

Used a blow dryer with comb attachment. No product. It looks VERY natural. Personally, I prefer it curled. But hey, some of you may love it this way. On my flickr is an image of a bantu knot out I tried shortly after this blowout.