Conley Factory Tour Model V8 Working 1/4 Scale Engine

Conley Factory Tour Model V8 Working 1/4 Scale Engine

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Visit to purchase this engine.Working 1/4 scale working V8 model engine. Tour of how it's made as well as some light maintenance on the engine.Here is the latest in the Conley line of V-8 engines. It sports the Stinger 609 name badge (6.09 cubic inches or almost 100 cc) and is the culmination of almost 30 years of knowledge gained in the designing and construction of model engines. The new Stinger possesses no parts used in prior V-8 engines. The bore is 1.00, with a .970 stroke. It weighs about 11.25 pounds and measures approximately 14" long (from the front timing belt to the end of the transmission), 6" wide, and 8-1/4" tall. The supercharged version will be about 10" tall. Among the numerous innovative features like large oval shaped intake ports, "D" shaped exhaust ports, and investment cast parts, two bold attributes stand tall: the dry sump pressurized oiling system and a full ignition system. The engine even has a user replaceable oil filter. For those of you who lack familiarity with dry sump oiling, it simply means that oil resides in a holding tank, rather than a conventional oil pan, which circulates throughout the engine. The oil that does collect in the pan is simply pumped back to the holding tank. I have incorporated what is call a "three stage" oil pump to move all the oil. One stage is used to feed oil to the engine, whereas, the other two stages are used to remove all the accumulated oil from the pan. This is particularly important for high acceleration, cornering, or boat applications. An important side note, my test engine held about 20 lbs oil pressure at idle and 60 lbs oil pressure at 9,000 rpm. The dry sump oiling system not only adds more oil volume but aids in engine cooling and makes sure that there is plenty of oil during hard acceleration or sharp corners. The spark plugs have a 10-40 thread. As always, the new Stinger 609 V-8 will have an electric starter as standard equipment. No hand held electric motors here, or something that fits in a box below the engine, but rather a 12 volt electric motor that is an fundamental part of the engine. It can be activated manually or via the transmitter on your remote control. The centrifugal clutch is also included.

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