Real Mom & Daughter Desperate to Pee : Don't want to miss favorite movie

Real Mom & Daughter Desperate to Pee : Don't want to miss favorite movie

Watch the video from YouTube full video available at above link.Barbie (mom) & Janice (daughter) are watching favorite movie on television. They don't want to miss any single scene. Its been almost an hour, both are desperate to . Just as movie finished, 1st Barbie run to wash room, but her zip stuck and she couldn't hold it and P-E-E in Jeans. She removed her jeans and then came back to room and changed. Janice then rush to wash room, but oops! her shorts zip also stuck and she also p-e-e in her pants. She also removed her Shorts and panty, came to room and changed it.

real  mom  &  daughter  desperate  to  pee  :  don't  want  to  miss  favorite  movie 

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Piss Pants Pee Jeans

Tags: Piss  Pants  Pee  Jeans her pants and wetting is is store for this girl. Lost basically in her boyfriends car she has to pee badly and is totally desperate. She has to pull over and doesn't unzip her pants fast enough and pisses her jeans. Very nice!

Szybkie siku w ogródku

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Więcej na

party went to pee.

Tags: party  went  to  pee. 

we decided to film ourselves to see what would go on... and lauren peed her pants. mountain dew went flying. :]


Tags: desper 

Female Desperation - Shorts Compilation 3

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La tercera parte, creo que esta algo corta. La 4 espero hacerla más larga. No se si habra 5, todo depende de que tal me parezca la lista de "thepeedance", les recomiendo ese canal xD

Weeds Pee Scene

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pee scene from show "weeds"

Simone - Taking My Nephew From Kindergarten, wetting jeans,

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Rachel peeing =]

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we were laughing so hard thatrachel peed her pants

I really had to pee

Tags: I  really  had  to  pee 

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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Natalya pissed herself

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Natalya pees her pants



extreme world events weather 2014 share this video to friends and family!


Tags: Ale 

Hella drunk trynra go pee

Most Aggressive Breeds

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In a Dog Whisperer poll, many viewers voted for what they thought were the most aggressive breeds, and pit bulls lead the pack.

Aubrey gotta go pee!!

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I Gatta pee mommy

Tags: I  Gatta  pee  mommy 

Cought this little girl at cavenders. Poor baby, and her mom don't even notice or pay attention.

Karen gatta pee lmaoo

Tags: Karen  gatta  pee  lmaoo 

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Pee Pee Dance (edited)

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girl can't hold it anymore