The Life Size Zoetrope

The Life Size Zoetrope

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Dir: Mark Simon HewisOne man's life told in one giant human sized zoetrope.

the  life  size  zoetrope 

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La Tartine

Tags: La  Tartine 

Dir: Guillaume Colomb and Olivier Derivier / France / 2004 A habitual morning, breakfast is being prepared. But this morning, the honey got up on the wrong side of the bed.


Tags: Xemoland 

Dir: Daniel Cardenas / US / 2011The story of a seven-year-old boy who believes in a portal to an alternate reality where all his dreams come true. But are they dreams or nightmares?


Tags: Hum 

Dir. Soeren Bendt / Denmark / 2007This little robot is on a mission to lake his tool shed world a little livelier.For more from the director:

To Build a Home

Tags: To  Build  a  Home 

Dir. Up The Resolution / music Cinematic Orchestra / UK / 2008A moving collaboration between the band and director with startlingly beautiful cinematography.Featuring Peter Mullen & Julia FordAppears courtesy of Ninja Tune: http://www.ninjatune.netThe band:...

Boards of Canada - Zoetrope

Tags: Boards  of  Canada  -  Zoetrope 

Music Video Dir. by Jason Willford

Disneyland California Adventure Toy Story 3D Animation Zoetrope in HD

Tags: Disneyland  California  Adventure  Toy  Story  3D  Animation  Zoetrope  in  HD 

Key principle animation concepts demonstration.11/14/2010 (Watch in HD, switch to 720p for higher quality).

Make A High Tech Zoetrope

Tags: Make  A  High  Tech  Zoetrope 

This is an amazingly simple and fun way to animate real three dimensional objects. A great art/science project, eye catching advertisement or an awesome conversation piece,For parts and more info

How to make a Zoetrope

Tags: How  to  make  a  Zoetrope 

A popular scientific toy in Victorian times Zoetropes (Greek: 'wheel of life) show an animated series of images when spun.I've made these in primary schools with children as young as Yr3.I encourage older children to try their own simple designs by dropping in a loop of paper with their drawings...

3D Zoetrope "Get Animated" at the California State Fair

Tags: 3D  Zoetrope  "Get  Animated"  at  the  California  State  Fair 

Video of the large 6ft 3D Zoetrope in building 5 "Get Animated" exhibit at the California State Fair in Sacramento. The Get Animated exhibit is produced by Troy Carlson of Stage 9. I made the mechanics, motor controls, music controls, lighting & strobe electronics. My Friend Manny Baca did all...

Zoótropo: Vida que gira

Tags: Zoótropo:  Vida  que  gira 

13 imágenes en una banda dibujadas horizontalmente que se sitúan dentro de un tambor giratorio. Una serie de ranuras verticales, por las cuales se mira, permiten que al girar el zoótropo se perciban imágenes en movimiento. Aparato inventado en 1834 por William George Horner.

Amnesia OP - Zoetrope Full (male)

Tags: Amnesia  OP  -  Zoetrope  Full  (male) 

Amnesia OP

How to Create a Zoetrope

Tags: How  to  Create  a  Zoetrope 

Watch more Animation Techniques videos: a fun novelty project, try making a zoetrope at home.Step 1: Plan the animationPlan out your animation. Assume there will be about 12 cells, or steps.TipThe best animations for a zoetrope are...

Tricko (The T-Shirt)

Tags: Tricko  (The  T-Shirt) 

Dir: Hossein Martin Fazeli / Slovakia / 2006 Mark is half- American, half-Slovak. And he has strong beliefs. On a trip to Slovakia he meets Tomas, a shop assistant who is wearing a T-shirt that offends his beliefs. Hossien Martin Fazeli is a multiple award-winning screenwriter and director based...

Things - Zoetrope

Tags: Things  -  Zoetrope 

Zoetropes are magic. They take the effect of strobing that you get on the subway and put that in a little turning cylinder. It's a special form of animation that generally focuses on movements that repeat themselves like walking or a bird flying. I found this zoetrope at the Technischen Museum...


Tags: Performer 

PerformerDir: Olaf Wendt / UK / 2006A man runs through a forest. Another figure runs in the distance. They chase each other through a series of environments and through ever increasing obstacles. Finally they face each other head-to-head...


Tags: zoologic 

Dir. Nicole Mitchell / USA / 2007A penguin and gorilla team up to lead the other animals in a comedic revolution against a zoo keeper who just will not leave them alone.Winner of a Student Academy Award 2008

Kangaroos Can't Jump Backwards

Tags: Kangaroos  Can't  Jump  Backwards 

Dir: Rafael Mayrhofer / Austria / 2014I mean it would be nice if we really could grow forever, but what if infinite growth on a finite planet is a fairytale? Rafael MayrhoferScript: Katharina Pichler, Rafael MayrhoferVoice Actor: Beau Stephenson...

Cheat Neutral

Tags: Cheat  Neutral 

Cheat NeutralDir: Beth Stratford / Wales / 2007From the high street to the Houses of Parliament, sparks an important debate about the inadequacies of carbon offsetting.

Stay & Stare by Red Velvet

Tags: Stay  &  Stare  by  Red  Velvet 

New video of the rock duet Red Velvet !Listen to Red Velvet on myspace by young British video artist Mark Simon


Tags: Zoetrope 

The Zoetrope is the best known of several animation toys which were invented in the 19th century, a time when people first discovered ways to make still pictures move. The Zoetrope is known as 'the wheel of life'. When you place a strip of drawings inside the Zoetrope's drum, spin it, and look...

peter hudsons burning man zoetropes

Tags: peter  hudsons  burning  man  zoetropes from bill breithaupt's "aqua burn" these are two life sized 3d stroboscopic zoetropes (sisyphish 2002 and deeper 2004) that artist, peter hudson brought to burning manfor more infor go to

"Hearts on Fire" Cut Copy

Tags: "Hearts  on  Fire"  Cut  Copy more -

Stop Buying Stuff, Love Is The Answer

Tags: Stop  Buying  Stuff,  Love  Is  The  Answer 

Dir: Matthew Silver / 2014http://www.maninwhitedress.comLove is the answer.

The Department of Animation Machines

Tags: The  Department  of  Animation  Machines 

These are some of my experiements with animation & sculpture. They are based on the old timey animations.

How to Build a Movie Wheel

Tags: How  to  Build  a  Movie  Wheel 

Before there were movies, TV or video, there were zoetropes and movies wheels that helped people understand the persistence of vision, the science concept that fools our brain into perceiving still images as moving. This is a step by step instructional video that even elementary school kids can...